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Hi, I'm new here.

Do any of you and your SO play "homemade" games. By this I mean games that you put together or made up yourselves. Games using cards, dice, timers, etc. are what I am interested in. If you do have any of these games, what are the rules? Are there any penalties? Any rewards? Give me the details. Thanks

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I may be overstepping, but i have to disagree with you Howard.

(forgive my poor typng... i'm smarter than my sluggish fingers make me out to be LOL)

I found this forum because I have been searching for the very same thing. My husband and I are both very shy about the whole intimacy thing. i know that to unhibited folks it isn't a big deal to talk about what you want, need and expect, but for some of us, it is. My husband is an amazing human being, but very straight laced and conservative and in his very nature makes me uncomfortable expressing interest in anything outside a very specific set of (unspoken) rules. For all I know I am way off base with him and he is way more openmined than I imagine, but i am afraid to find out, because I don't want to be left feeling like an idiot (leftover crap from a past relationship, projecting onto an otherwise healthy one).

I look for ideas and for reinforcement from anonymous message boards like this one. I am searching for other people that have dealt with and overcome this same situation, and I think that maybe the OP in this thread is looking, perhaps, for the same thing. It is easier to ask for real life stories of what works and what's a bust than it is to try to guess what might be appropriate and then be left feeling like a moron (whether he means to leave you feeling like that or not).

To be honest, I was looking forward to reading the responses to this question, and am a bit disappointed in the referral to the adult store. This question goes beyond that, maybe not in word, but definitely in undertone, and I am eager, myself, to see some responses.

Nothing personal, Howard. You have great insight and I have not disagreed or questioned you up until now, but this question really hits home for me, and is exactly why I am here, too. Adult stores and decks of cards and such things are good tools, but there's sometimes more to it than that. LOL some of need some real human hand holding and "atta girls" and such encouragement, and I suspect that is what OP is looking for, as am I, for that matter.

Sorry if i appear bitchy or critical. not my intention.

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Have you considered making up your own card game? A pack of index cards and a pen could work wonders in helping you communicate your wants, needs, and desires. The concept is simple enough, you take one of the index cards and write down on it an act that you would like to perform or have performed on you. You then take the card and put it in a place where your SO can find it. It is your SO's right to either reject the card citing their reasons or keep the card in the "deck". Now it's their turn and you have the same choice to make. This will help with a few things, it will help you both see what it is your lover does and doesn't want to do in a such a way that you can distance yourself from any embarassment you might feel. It will also help to open up conversation on the topics that interest either of you. It will also keep you both in a more flirtatious mood as while you make the deck up you will be keeping sex a constant in your thought process for both of you. Lastly, it will set you up to make several types of games based around the cards after you have a significant amount of them.

Want a board game? Count your cards and number each of them and then place the numbers on the board in whatever manner suits you. Make sure to add some hangups to the board(ie. go back 5 spaces) and you can specialize them however you want. Grab a couple of condoms for game pieces and a a single die and you're on your way. Roll the die and whatever number you land on is the numbered card you use.

Want something more simple? Shuffle the deck and then have your SO pick a card.

You can use the cards to be direct too. Take one out and leave it in your SO's briefcase or something along those lines to let them know exactly what's going to happen when they get home.

How about the card toss into the hat game? Choose the cards you like the best out of the deck, grab an overturned hat or a bowl and go head to head with your SO. The first card into the container is the one you use. When you've exhausted that one, play again.

The biggest thing is to be sure you keep adding to the deck. The real fun is coming up with fun and exciting things to do. Use your imagination and I'm sure you can come up with tons more things to do.


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I have some "adult games" that I got from Spencer's, which are fun. But your question was for homemade games.

Why not modify games you have at home? Such as poker: strip poker, or sexual favors poker? Have the chips represent a different act:blue for shower games, Red for oral, white for positions.

Go fish, same idea. Each match means a different piece of clothing off, of the one that gets a successful pairing.

Or Scrabble. Have dirty word scrabble. Or sexual act scrabble. The one with the most points gets to have their sexual wishes fulfilled.

How about a Find and Seek game thru the house/apartment. Leaving little clues here and there, directing them to another clue, and making sexual references?

Make up your own Sexual Trivia. Using the internet, this site, and other sites, making up "cards" and having a point system. Thing of something fun for the winner. Like a bubble bath, massage, or mad oral fun!

Hope some of these help.

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