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Hello All!

As many of you may know, I have 2 great loves (besides my family) - SEX and ENGLISH LITERATURE. I post a lot of articles about sex, and never share anything about my other love. Well, this morning while perusing AOL, I came across an article on Shakespeare. This article suggests that Shakespeare was "too poor and stupid" to be accredited for all the plays once thought were his.

This infuriates me. For all of these centuries Shakespeare has been the author of some of the greatest works known in literature - and NOW some people want to suggest that this is not possible. Well, this made me think: why are there all these people who want to research and disprove that DaVinci did this, that Shakespeare didn't write his plays, that Jesus didn't really get crucified, etc.

I understand that scientists have new technologies and that some things are really relevant and interesting to research and prove or disprove. I also understand that there is a purpose to such research.

I just get so infuriated when something that I LOVE, something that I have grown to learn much about and want to pass on to my children is suddently found to be possibly untrue.

As a continuing life scholar, I realize that things in this world are always in a state of flux. That techological advances will always render some new evidence. I just wonder, why can't the classics be left alone? Who really cares if Shakespeare didn't write those plays (besides myself) and if they were really written by Christopher Marlowe? Does it really matter? In my heart of hearts I know that authorship is important, but can this be proved for certain? Why now? Why Shakesepeare? Can we prove that any early author wrote anything? IS the evidence valid?

Uggghhh....just had to vent!

Shakespeare a dumb fraud?

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It matters not to me if he really wrote them, and if they prove that he didn't the world will still think he did. They just need to let it go

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I think that some people have WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much time on their hands to second guess, and over analyze. More effort should be made in learning, not disproving.

I'm all for finding out the truth, don't get me wrong. However, this is yet another example of people over-analyzing something that, even though it IS wonderful writing, and it IS a part of history, and in NO way am I down playing (sorry, couldn't resist that one either) it, but, in the grand scheme of everything, how important is it to discredit or prove THIS particular thing?

I have to agree with Mikayla. It's really up to the believer.

In the words of Reba MacEntire "I got one word for ya: letitgoooooo!"

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Awwww thanks guys for engaging in my intellectual rant - I really appreciate it!

I think Shakespeare would be most appreciative of our defense, for surely poetry was his whole life and to know that people felt he was unworthy....well, I think Shakespeare said it best when he said:

"You take my life when you take the means whereby I live." (or pehaps it was Marlowe who said that!!! :lol:

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