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For many years I have wanted my wife to have sex with another man. During sex I tell her that it would be a huge turn on for me to see her in bed with another guy or even for her to go out on a date and go back to his place. I have had the same erotic dream dozens of times a guy comes over to the house and she goes upstairs and gets in bed and a few minutes later we come up and I watch as she has great sex. My wife looks much younger than she is and is still very sexy. She seems to be turned on when I mention another guys while we are having sex but says she would never do it. Why is this such a turn on for me. I have even rented videos about wives with other men which she knows I have.

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I think this is a semi-common fantasy for men. I'm the same way in that I wouldn't mind seeing my wife with another man. It isn't a fantasy I go out of my way to recall but it does pop into mind from time to time and I get horny as all get-out. For me, 80% of getting off is watching and listening to my wife get off. To see another man doing it is just another twist to this. You really need to be careful how you approach this if you decide to do it, though, because if your relationship isn't rock solid, you could be ruining what you have. The real question is why are YOU interested in it? Is there some way you two could emulate the fantasy that has no risk of harming your relationship?


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I agree with Thurasis here.

The thought of another man pleasing your wife, and seeing your wife getting off is a common fantasy. However, it really does take a really really really solid marriage to withstand something like this. It's very similar to a threesome, even if you don't join in, since there are, technically, three people involved there. Read the threesome sections, and see how some have reacted to being in threesomes. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Again, I am one that promotes people being daring, and doing new things in the bedroom, so long as BOTH partners are willing to do so. But, if someone says NO, then that must be respected too. Especially in this case. It's not like she's saying no to giving you a BJ. You are essentially, asking her to betray her marriage vows to you, even if you're the one that's ok with it.

If your wife is definitely NOT willing to do this, which is her every right, then, I would suggest that you drop it with her, and move on to another fantasy that can be realistically fullfilled.

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This for most men is a voyeur fantasy not an incompetence theory as Howard seems to believe. It is basically the same thing as watching porn. You'd never think that watching someone else could do anything for you till you actually see that it does. Men are visual creatures so anything like this is going to work for them unless they are the jealous sort. There is no way an incompetent lover would share his woman because he knows that he would likely lose her. If you like watching your partner with toys I'll bet you'd like this fantasy also!!!

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