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Male Multiple Orgasms


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Is there a way to reduce the refractory period?

Is multiple orgasm in males possible?

I always thought males needed some "downtime" until last night - my BF and I hadn't seen each other in a week, so I went over to his place. I'd been lingerie shopping that afternoon, so after relaxing on the couch for a bit (he likes to watch wrestling), I snuck into the bathroom and emerged in nothing but a striped button-down shirt, a black bra, red/black lace thong panties, thigh-high stockings, and stilletos. Needless to say, he was more than pleasantly surprised, and instantly started staring me down and running his hands over my legs and caressing me. To make a long story short, we ended up going at it in about 6 different positions on (and off of) the couch - I warmed him up by leaning my head off the cushions and taking him deep in my throat for a while, and then we got started with the 'main course,' so to speak.

We ended in doggy, a favorite of his (and mine), at a pretty fast & furious tempo - but after he came, he stayed inside me. His strokes had slowed down a little, but I could tell he was still hard, and when he kept going, I wondered if he was going to come again... AND SURE ENOUGH, after about 3 minutes, he DID! He was definitely spent after that... I said, "Was that a male multiple orgasm?!" and he said, "I don't know, I've never had one of those before!" I asked him if it felt good the second time, and he said yes, because he was extra sensitive. Good thing he had me to hold on to, or else he probably would have fallen over!

So yes, I think it's possible, I've also noticed if I "keep going" after a BJ he will stay hard - just don't apply TOO much pressure or it might cross the line from pleasure to pain... usually I just take it really slowly, very lightly licking the head, or just letting him sit in my mouth for a while, with no suction, and after he's had a few minutes to relax, bam, he's ready for Round 2!

I love to see him in the throes of ecstasy like that! :)

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Actually, that is a little different than a "multiple" orgasm - those would be consecutive orgasms, which are slightly different.

In Tantric sex, a man can have multiple orgasms in more of the sense that we all think about it. Meaning, he can have orgasms one after another with no down time at all. Frequently, these orgasms feel like one long one, lasting for upwards of minutes or hours (with extreme practice) and in some situations the man can even be limp and experience these orgasms.

Tantra is something that must be heavily practiced to receive these results though, the average person reading a book on Tantric Sex is not going to get those results!

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I have experienced what would be considered multiple orgasms twice. Both times my wife as masturbating me. She had been playing with me and kept me arroused for a long time. She had taken me to the brink of orgasm twice, then would back off, let me relax and do it again. When she finally made me cum I felt the sensations of orgasm but did not ejaculate. I was still feeling the orgasm when she started stroking me again and I experienced a second orgasm and I ejaculated. We were both taken by surprise when we realized I hadn't ejaculated the first time. She really was surprised that she was able to make me cum twice like that. The second time it was not as surprising but still an amazing feeling. I wish I could tell you how it happened and what we did differently, but I have no idea and haven't been able to do it again.

When I was a teenager and first started masturbating I developed the habit of holding the base of my penis very tightly putting an intense tension on the head of my penis as I orgasmed. That was how it always felt best to me. Once I started orgasming I didn't want to move my penis. Movement was actually too intense and I would not move as it was too much feeling for me. In the last year or so I have found that by continuing to move, especially in a rear entry position the pleasure increases and goes on for a longer time. It's not another orgasm, but it does increase the length of time that I experience the sensations of orgasm.

I don't know if that answers any questions about multiple orgasms for men or not, but that is my experience.

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