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Reviewers I Need Your Suggestions!


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I will be attending aHolloween party at my wifes work and bythe sound of things it is going to be really wild!

So i am working on coming up with a wild costume of course...

Trying to decide on being either a dirty old man or a drag queen....They both have one thing on common though.

Either way i want to open my long coat and suprise everyone with a big ol cock!

Cant be mine!!!! :lol:

What I need to know is what would be the best to choose from!

So this is where your expertise come is handy.. ;)

I dont want to really be walking around with what looks like a huge boner cause that will give away the element of surprise.

It needs to be able to hang down for true shock appeal! :P

What would rock is if I could find one that is flexible and somehow design a rig that would allow it to "pop up" when I open my coat.

If I go through with this I am sure it will be a hit at the party :lol:

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Maybe a bee....like you wanna pollenate their flower, or a dirty old man, with a dollar taped on his "penis", for a woman to "blow some cash".

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hahahaahah. I can't stop laughing just thinking about it. Halloween is my favorite holiday and not just cause my bday is the day before! So I always have a big costume party. I for sure would laugh. Maybe somehow use those extendable arms that you pinch things with? Or perhaps rig some clothes hangers in a way with a belt to swing it upwards? However I gotta say, it might be funnier if the cock was ridiculously small. People wouldn't expect that ;)

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