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The Pink Pleaser


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I was talking with a friend of mine who is a scientist and upon mentioning the use of glass toys she was completely turned off to the idea. This was a first for me. Everyone up to this point I had spoken with was completely intrueged with the idea of being able to have a toy that was not only sensitive to skin allergies, but adaptive to your desired temperatures. She mentioned that she was afraid that it would shatter or break. And I said, Wow honey, you like to ride those toys! But I assured her, these glass toys are made of a non-porous pyrex that is hand blown and designed to not shatter or break. Needless to say, this opened me up to the idea that not everyone is exposed to how versatile and amazing glass adult toys are.

You can use glass in multiple ways; you can warm it up or cool it down within minutes with a simple glass of water. Or you can always use it at room temperature. If you tend to like harder plastics for vibrators, this is really the next step up from that. They're very hygienic and easy to clean. They're even dishwasher safe!

The main difference that you need to pay attention to is the contours and shape. And the Pink Pleaser was first rate in that category. It looks like a wand and let me tell you there's nothing better than stirring that honey pot! There's nice fat ridges similar to that of a thick ribbed condom. However, the end handle is the best feature because it really is like a wand and very easy to handle during the moment. The tip is has a pretty pink nob that is very easy to insert. It also comes with a soft velvety bag to keep it in. Use any lubrication you want, but I've found personally for me you don't tend to need lube as much with glass. If you've thought about trying a glass dildo, this is a wonderful one to start with. But anyone from beginners to advanced could love this one!

On a side note, I absolutely love asian text interpretations. It is amazing to me how they can get so close and grammer just screws them all up. (Check out engrish.com for a good laugh). On the back of the box the English instructions below had me laughing and are accompanied as well by Japanese instructions:

1. It is no friction and hand-made with blowing

2. If you want to feel warm, you may made it to soak in warm water

3.If you want to get sexuality, you may put it into ice water or the fridge for a few minutes.

Wanna Pink Wand?

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Sounds Great...click...wish list

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I just LOOOOOVE glass toys too! Great to hear that this is another winner! Who makes this one?

Isn't it funny how things can get translatted funny. Hence the saying "lost in the translation". I've hear a lot of bilingual people tell others that what they're saying wouldn't sound right in English.

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