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Testosterone Replacement

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Has anyone had any experience or knowledge about testosterone replacement? My hubby has ED and has been to his regular doc and a urologist. There are physical issues with valves and a small area of thickened tissue that can get sore but I think we could cope with them if it wasn't for his sex drive being so low. He has so little interest in sex that it took him 2 months to even want to bother trying the free viagra sample he was given by the urologist. He came twice in one night for the 1st time in 15 years but the success didn't leave him any more interested in sex than he was before and the rest of free viagra has gone unused. He says the urologist told him men's testosterone levels have been dropping so a decrease in interest isn't unusual. Of course I feel there's a big difference between low interest and no interest. I showed hubby a video on WebMd that described testosterone gel that's rubbed on the shoulders once a day if blood work shows the levels really are low. He says he thinks hormones are dangerous and doesn't want to go back to either doc to inquire about it. I'm trying to be loving and supportive but it looks like it's going to take an ultimatum on my part to get him to go back in and I hate to go to that extreme if the treatment isn't a great option.


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I have heard of this treatment, and as far as I have heard it can be fairly successful depending on the kind of ED he has. I am going to assume since he has gone to his doctor AND a urologist, that one or the other has tested his testosterone? The reason I ask is, many times ED does not have both low testosterone AND valve issues. If he doesn't have abnormally low testosterone, then it is a psychological issue.

ED affects more than just the penis - it is also a psychological issue. Men who have ED start to feel panicked when they are about to have sex. They are nervous about achieving erections and keeping them. For this reason, the normal sex drive seems to diminish out of this fear and anxiety. If it is not a testosterone issue, then perhaps he needs to have some sex therapy.

In the meantime, read my article on ED, in it there are links to support groups and research sites.

Good Luck!

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