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Mahu Mike


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Welcome to the forum. Please be sure to contribute often and remember that the only stupid question is the question left unasked.


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Wel;come to the forums. I hope you can spend some time reading the articles in the Sex Education section, and then peruse the forums that are of interest to you. We have Gay and bi-sexual members here who will appreciate the comradery you offer, as well as any sound advice you can give to their many questions.


Yes I have to ask this having just gone through two days of diversity training this week, does the gay community still use the phraise "Alternative lifestyle". I was told they did not and I explained to those teaching this class it has been used but not to be confused with those that swing or engage in practices like B&D or S&M who also use that phraise as well.

I was surprise that the word homosexual was now seen as a bad word, with the preference for the words gay(men) or lesbian(women).

I see these terms being used interchangably. Now as for faggot well had I used that word I would have been not only booted from the class( which would be fine by me) but fired so while I know that word is used I dared not bring it up.

My uncle was gay he did not object to those words and used them alot, I would ask him but he been dead for a decade now.


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Hello everybody, new here jus wanna say hi from a flaming faggot in Hawaii

Welcome to the forums!

I do have to ask - I have quite a few gay friends, and most of them do not like the term "faggot." They find it offensive. I personally also find it offensive. I just wondered why you use it with such disreguard. I am glad that you "own" your sexuality as such, but still....

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Welcome Mahu Mike! I hope you enjoy the site.

As far as the term "faggot", several "flamers" that I have known do feel comfortable with calling themselves that. So, to each their own. I think it's similar to black people calling themselves the "N" word (which I hate). It's ok for themselves to do it, but not others-it'd be considered offensive. But, to each their own, and I hope you enjoy the reading and the info here.

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