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Straight off I have to say, this DVD gets a 10! Why? It was truly entertaining in more ways than one. THis is by far, the FUNNIEST Adult DVD I have ever seen. I don't mean funny like it is so bad it is funny, it actually is humorous!

The storyline is that the main, male character gets dumped by his girlfriend and he gets so depressed that all he can do is sit in his house watching porn. He gets fixated with Cindy Crawford, adult film legend. He sees an ad in a porn magazine for a "lifelike" Cindy Crawford doll and this is where the fun begins.

His doll comes and "Cindy" becomes his girlfriend! No, really...he brings her places and introduces her to his friends. He believes that she is alive....and maybe she is! Does this real life Cindy doll come to life just for him? Can he have hot sex with this adult film star every night and no one is the wiser? You have to watch it to find out!

Besides the humorous and interesting storyline, the sex scenes are hot. The stars are good looking (except this one older guy who looks like a Disco-Era pimp - (you will know it when you see it). The first female actress appearing has a rockin' bod, big breasts and a beautiful, shaven snatch - she got my blood boiling. Cindy Crawford is also gorgeous - but her breasts are a bit small for me...but not for our male hero - he loves everything about her.....EVERYTHING!

I highly suggest this film for the sex and for the fun! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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I'm posting my review later but just had to chime in. One of the weirdest porns I have seen to date storyline wise, but very entertaining and humorous. The weirdest part is I just saw a sneak preview for Ryan Goesling's new flick, Lars and the Real Girl. My boyfriend and I couldn't stop laughing at how uncanny it was that this was like part two of that storyline. (FYI - Lars was hilarious and quirky, worth a watch too!!!)

Here's the trailer for Lars: http://www.larsandtherealgirl-themovie.com/

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Are you bored with the same ole type of porn: just plain fucking, no plot, or just clips? Well, have I found the DVD for you! My Living Doll has definitely brought a smile to my face!

Poor Eric! He finds a wonderfully buxom blonde to screw, and her name is Gretchin. But what happens, well, Gretchin is his best friend, Jack’s, woman, plus Jack’s his boss. And, one day, oops! Gretchin dumps him and lets him know in her ditzy way that they can’t see each other, oh, and he lost his friend and his job too. Thank you, and buh-bye!

What is Eric to do? Well, he goes to see Dr. Analman, of course, which is his shrink (what else COULD he be?), and the doc really knows how to help! He tells Eric that if it were him, he’d kill himself with all the bad luck Eric’s has had lately. Eric tries, but slitting the wrists? Hell no, that hurt, and rat poison is just awful tasting, so he decides to seclude himself and masturbate to his favorite porn star, Cindy Crawford’s pics and movies. Then he sees an ad for a lifelike doll of Cindy Crawford, which, of course, he HAS to order! This doll goes everywhere with him, dinner, walks, drives, even to a swinger’s party.

Remember the movie waaaay back in the 80’s, Mannequin? Well, this movie has a similar plot. Great scenes, lots of oral fun, toys, pool, beautiful & mostly natural bodies, and, oh, let’s not forget the best part: HUMOR!!! OMG This movie had tons of humor. Not only with facial expressions, but porn clichés, and little sarcastic tidbits here and there. This has got to be one of the funniest adult films I have seen in a very long time!

Will Eric find ever-lasting love & companionship with Cindy? Get it and see!

Wanna Laugh & Play?

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If you are like me, then when you watch porn you want it to be a fantasy that is somehow intangible for you in real life. For example; two or more girls at once, super kinky bondage, hermaphadite three ways, circus clowns, midgets, the list goes on. One not so much fantasy for me is to have an anatomically correct, life size Cindy Crawford Love Doll at my disposal. I hope you are not dissapointed to find out that that is the fantasy lived out in this one of a kind hilarious adult film. Of course the main star of the film has a very vivid imagination, and the doll is a very good actress.

One very depressed guy searches for love not lust in all the wrong places. Upon getting his heart broken he decides he's going to order a life size replica sex doll of his favorite adult actress. Well, one thing leads to the next and before you know it the doll has taken place of a girlfriend and the lead can't tell the difference between reality and well um, plastic.

The sex scenes in the film are quite a variety, including Guy-Girl, Girl-on-girl, 2 girls 1 guy, anal and of couse the finale where the Doll comes to life as the real Cindy Crawford and they get busy. The scenes are well done with mostly very attractive actresses (the guys are ok), good sound and great camera work with some super sexy close-ups and interseting angles.

This film has a couple of unique bonuses mixed in. It adds a small dose of humor when the sexy scene with Cindy Crawford flashes for a second here and there to the main actor fucking the love doll in the same position. I could barely contain myself when you hear the plastic noises from him squeezing the doll. Maybe that is really hot for some people?

Overall a good film even though the story is kinda wierd. A truly different kind of porn if you are looking for something a little more offbeat with a good balance of sex and story. If you are like me, it at least gives you something interesting to talk about at parties.


A breathe of fresh air

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Allow me to tell you a little story about a man named Eric:

Boy likes best friend's girl.

Boy fucks best friend's girl.

Best friend finds out.

Girl breaks up with boyfriend's ex-best friend.

Boy gets depressed.

Boy goes to psychiatrist.

Boy masturbates ALOT.

Boy becomes enamored with the lovely Cindy Crawford.

Boy orders lifelike Cindy Crawford doll.

Sex, fun and playtime begin.

This "doll" does everything for him except join him for a backyard tea party.

Eric (the boy) is so in love with his "Living Doll" that he treats her like a real girlfriend. He takes her to dinner, brings her along to creepy swingers parties and even makes sure she wears her seatbelt!! He does everything a good (albeit pathetic) boyfriend should do.

The storyline is sharp, and incredibly witty. Nothing I like more than folks who arent afraid to make fun of themselves.

It was like watching the adult film version of Lars and the Real Girl.

Above all, the sex scenes were freakin hot. There were a variety of sex scenes, that definitely left me wishing I wasn't home alone, but thankful for my drawer of toys.

Girl-girl, girl-boy-girl, boy-doll (ok, that one sounds creepier than it is), take your pick, its all encompassed in this film.

This adult film is the PERFECT one if the idea of a porn makes you uncomfortable. Its sexy enough to get your rocks off and silly enough to giggle at.

The only drawback I found to it was its lack of diversity. This film is for the people who are attracted to (mostly) physically perfect white males and females. Otherwise, you are going to have to look elsewhere. However, if thats your scene, I would suggest getting it NOW.

*disclaimer* I meant getting the film, not the doll


YOUR living doll

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are you shittin' me? It was hilarious!

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