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My only toy is my massager I believe it is by hitatchi. My husband works overnights... so I use it in the dark to try to pleasure me and releive some tension. :( We have one porn disc that has helped me in the past. we are both shy and try to stay very reserved, :)

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Isn't it funny how sex, which is one of the MOST NATURAL things for humans to do, can cause so many mixed feelings? Try to stay reserved? Honey, WHY??? Why not expand your sexual horizons and explore more! Sex is adult play, and is suppose to be fun! Especially with someone that you have strong feelings for (like, oh, I dunno, your husband!). What's the harm of having fun, laughing, sharing, and maybe bringing more toys in the bedroom? Absolutely nothing, I tell ya!!

My hubby always knew that I had and enjoyed my adult toys. However, he was of the "old fashioned way" of thinking: that if you were in a relationship, WHY in the hell do you need sex toys? I've FINALLY been able to get it thru is way of thinking, that sex toys are ADDITIVES, not replacements! How did I get him to think differently? Well, TooTimid helped. Having a variety of toys, allowing him to pick and choose what we were going to use, allowing him to feel them, and play with them, plus, getting him a couple of his very own toys, all of these things helped out a lot!

Plus, they also help women orgasm faster and/or easier. Nothing wrong with that!! 85% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Adding vibrators and clit stimulators are a wonderful way to help any woman be able to get their "O" on.

Best wishes!!!

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I sure hope this board helps you to break down this reserved attitude! I'm sure that as you dig further into this site you will find that we try to encourage others to open up to their SO and try things they are curious about. There is little reason for being reserved about sex. This site is all about pleasure and the different attitudes towards it. If nothing else there are great educational articles here about almost any subject you can think of. I hope you take advantage of them!! Life is too short for you to not enjoy it!!!!

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