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Hi, I'm still new here haha :) I have a question about ordering products from tootimid....it says discreet billing and shipping...how discreet haha? I share a credit card with another family member, and the bill is seen by my parents AND siblings...also, I live with a lot of people. You can see my issues :D What will a product look like on a bill and when it is shipped? I know I read something about Atlantic Innovations or something??? Will that be listed on the bill? Can that be linked back to this site?

Thanks so much!

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The boxes are plain, regular shipping boxes, and yes, the return labels say Atlantic Innovations. Now, if the box is opened, then they will see bubble wrap, sometimes some paper wrapping, and the toys, but nobody should be opening your packages anyway. ;) I Goggled Atlantic Innovations, and a bunch of stuff came up, but nothing directly linked to TooTimid.

And, yes, the name on the statements will also say Atlantic Innovations, so no worries about them guessing. I would hazare a guess that Atlantic Innovations is a billing company, and is similar to PayPal as far as remaining anonymous.

This is one of the most private companies I've dealt with in a very long time.

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