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Oral Sex And Genital Herpes


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I am seeing a guy that has genital herpes, although he has only had a break out once in his life about 3 years ago, I am wondering if I should give him a blow job or not, we use condoms for sex, but I don't know what to do with the oral part. Someone please tell me what should I do!!!

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I too, have genital herpes. The suppressive therapy, for ME, has bad side effects (bad abdominal cramps, headaches, and such), so I am not on anything. When I do get an outbreak, I use some Super Lysine balm on the sore, which helps heal it faster. My husband is fully aware of my status, and has chosen to take the risks, since we're married and all. He hasn't contracted it, and we've been together over 6 yrs, and I've had active herpes for over 6 yrs (I found out I had it when we first were together, and no, he's not the one that gave it to me). However, we ARE using condoms as a form of birth control at this point.

Taking suppressive therapy has shown to decrease the risks of transmition of herpes, though you can still get it even with suppressive therapy. People with genital herpes can "shed", this is when the virus is semi-active, and still be transmitted, even if you don't have an outbreak. Herpes can be passed on to others with no signs of an outbreak (OB's), or even with the use of condoms, but in NO WAY am I saying that you shouldn't use them either.

Here are some links to better understand gential herpes for you:

Dept. of Health STD Genital Herpes

MedHelp site Genital Herpes

The Health Book Genital Herpes

Never ever engage in any sort of sex, oral, anal, or vaginal, if your lover feels an OB coming on. Remember, no matter what the big claims, there is no cure for herpes, though it is treatable, and the outbreaks generally get less over time. Even if your lover hasn't had an OB in years, they still have it. It never goes away. Just be careful.

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