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G-spot Orgasm


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Ok, so i think that i have pretty much read everything possible about g-spot orgasms, clit orgasms, blow jobs and everything else. it has all helped me so much, except for 1 problem i still have and think i will have 4 ever. no matter what we do i cannot have a g-spot orgasm, i cant even have a clit orgasm unless i am alone, taking care of it myself. my husband tries so hard to get it done but it just doesnt happen. its not even fun anymore. i just lay there wishing i will have one, so he doesnt feel like he is doing something wrong. it used to be more fun when we didnt care about me having an orgasm. when we are having sex i am concentrating so hard that it is like i am somewhere else. i dont know how to just relax and enjoy myself. i have heard that listening to music during sex helps. does anyone know if thats true? i'm just so frustrated! i want to enjoy our time together cause we dont get to very often.

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First off just relax, because this shouldn't be "work" for either of you, it's play time and relaxing time and time spent enjoying and loving each other. If you worry too much about the goal you won't get there.

As for gspot, they take longer than normal. For me it was at least 45 minutes before it happened.

There's some good articles on it in the sex ed section.

good luck!

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I think you are definitely trying too hard. My husband and I went through a bit of this when I was trying to achieve my first g-spot orgasm also. We tried for several days in a row when I realized that I was concentrating so hard that I wasn't even allowing myself to have a clitoral orgasm either, which usually comes very easy for me.

I decided to just stop trying for awhile. I definitely was not going to start making sex "work" instead of play! Then, one day we decided to give it another try, and it just happened! We were shocked, actually! I believe that after we had tried to make it happen so much, then sort gave up for a bit, it took the pressure off. Then it happened when we were expecting it not to because we stopped putting so much effort into it.

This theory may not work for everyone, but it probably would benefit you to take a break on all the effort. DO NOT make sex a chore!

And as far as not even having a clitoral orgasm, do you guys do oral sex?? Because I agree with Howard there - oral is the best and easiest way to achieve a clitoral orgasm and/or a g-spot orgasm. Also, do you use toys together? A simple bullet on your clit during intercourse does wonders!! :P

Good Luck!

P.S. You yourself said it was more fun when you two didn't care if you had an orgasm. If none of the advise given since your post works for you, stop trying! You won't get there until it is FUN again!!

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