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“Sell Your Soul To The Gods Of Porn”. That’s the intro to this Vivid Entertainment Signature Series DVD starring Lori Michaels. Also in this compilation, are Lauren Montgomery, T.J.Hart, Tia Bella, Peter North, and more!

All Expenses Paid, Bad Girls 7, Cheap Shot, Conflict, The Kiss, Portraits in Blue, Shooter, & Stardust are the films that the scenes are taken from.

You have your choice from the first more romantic scene, then a bathroom “glory hole” scene, but involving a man and a woman, and boy!! Does she have some MAAAAD oral talent! Then you can feel like you’re a teenager again and doing it in the back of someone’s van. To some HOT all-female action, to…to….to! I will give you a hint, there’s kind of a whacky “techno” scene too, that if you don’t LOL at it, you have some serious issues!! And, you may never look at pink cotton candy the same way ever again!

Many body styles, fashion, and a variety of scenes here, & no plots to have to bother with. You can even go to the main menu & just go to your favorite scene. Then, you have all the other extras, like a photo gallery, bonus rooms, & so on.

This particular collection really does do a great job showing a lot of oral sex, up close, and personal! Everyone really seems to be having a really good time here!

I believe this DVD would appeal to many people. It has romantic feels, some naughty, and some nice too, but not a lot of words to mix everything up with, or plots to worry about. Just some great sex!

FEB 2008 DVD of the Month

Sign on the dotted line.

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I have to say up front that I am not a big Lori Michaels fan. I like a more substantial chest size (although her body is nice and firm) and I do not find her face particularly appealing. However, that is ME, and I am most sure that Ms. Michaels has a giant following - she is a 'Goddess of porn' after all!

In this hodge-podge of scenes from some of Lori's most memorable films, Lori gets her oral sex on and gets pounded until her cheeks are red! There are some pretty interesting scenese - although they surely date the movies. My favorite scene was the FFF threesome where all the girls get satisfied the old fashioned way - tongues and fingers (with LOOOOONNG nails). There is also an interesting 3 hole glory hole scene that I found, well, odd. Can you guess why 3 holes??

The men in this feature are hairy and hung (and one guy I wish would have waxed before getting his fuck on) - but Lori brings them to their full potential with her oral skills - and she gets oral lovin' as well. This film has a nice balance of blowjobs and lovin' for the gal - which is sometimes rare in porn. Condoms are donned in every scene (also rare now) and I might have missed it, but I did not see any anal (watch and see if YOU see an anal scene!)

All in all the sex was pretty hot, the scenes are varied (all from different films) and there is much to give you a chuckle as well. Not my favorite format for a film (I prefer a whole film as opposed to snippets) but it was definitely worth the watch! If you are a fan of Lori Michaels this film is definitely for you.


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"Starring Loren Michaels" this should be awesome and funny, I have been a fan of SNL for years. I was somewhat disappointed to find out that it is Lori Michaels not SNL's Loren Michaels, but then relieved when the DVD began and I found out that Lori looks nothing like Loren. Enough about that, lets talk about the booty.


Vivid has brought you yet another highlight reel from their archives. This one is featuring porn superstar Lori Michaels and even the cover of the DVD get me turned on, hot 90's style lovin'. There is a lot to say about Lori, good and bad. First of all, she has smaller tits for a porn star, a big minus for some. However they are 100% real Lori, so that is a major plus for me because fake looking tits are a turn off. She has a very nice body, and decent ass too. She also lets anyone do just about anything to her nice body in these clips. Just to give you a taste, the movie starts off with a glory hole. Need I say more?

The best scene in the movie in my opinion is with Lori, Tia Bella and Felicia. Tia Bella is one fantastic looking lady. The three girls together are so smokin' hot especially Felicia. Also Felicia has the most bitchin' bikini tan I have ever seen. It doesn't get much better than this for porn faux pas. However, this scene does has some of the best fingering, licking, sucking, pinching, rubbing and tonging I have ever been privy to.

If you want variety this DVD is all over the place; from straight sex to girl on girl to bizarre wigged alien sex. A great montage to add to any collection if you want a video that gets straight to business.

Free for me please!

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