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Nexus Glide Prostate Massager


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Oh man, I hate to admit this in a public forum but.....I LOVE my prostate massagers! I was once 'that guy', you know, the one who said, 'something up my butt, no friggin' way.' Now I am a new guy, one who says, 'I'll try anything you say dear!' - cause my "dear" is almost always right when it comes to sex and pleasure.

This is the second prostate massager I have tried. Compared to the other, this one is a little bigger (thicker mostly) and for that reason scared me. I had it hidden in my drawer for the last week or so, and finally had the urge - no, the guts - to try it with my honey. The last time we tried a prostate massager (more than once since then also) I had a super fantastic orgasmic experience. I was hoping this would be the same. This massager also has some 'ribs' on the base that I was anxious to feel inside me.

The Nexus Glide has some specific instructions on the back side of the package. It says specifically to clean thoroughly and to remove the 'rollerball' from the perenial stimulator (there is even a special tool to remove it) and clean it, then replace it. Made of medical grade plastic, this toy is super hypoallergenic and safe to use and It also suggests a nice water-based or silicone lube, relaxation and quite a bit of time to devote to the playtime. I had all of the above - and my wife.

I was very nervous again, but my wife calmed me down with a slow, seductive handjob - but she stopped when I started getting excited. We lubed up my anal opening and the glide then slid the glide (that sounds interesting) slowly....oh so slowly into me. According to the directions, you are to just stop and relax. We did. No moving, no touching, no masturbation - just relaxation. My honey just entertained herself while I relaxed. When I felt as relaxed as I could with this thing in my ass I began to do the pelvic thrust that felt natural to do. The little perenial massager with the roller ball felt very erotic - gave me pressure with a smooth sensation - sort of like a teasing finger. I became VERY hard, VERY fast and felt my orgasm coming quickly. I hadn't even touched my penis - but I was rock hard and gonna cum! My honey finished the job by holding the handle on the Glide and just pushing up a bit and back a bit and I spurt all over her breasts!

My experience with this massager was FANTASTIC! It is enjoyable to the point of no description possible! You HAVE to take the time to follow the directions, be relaxed and let this toy do the work for you. THe sensations are indescribably intense! Combine this item with some oral attention and it would most likely be too much! Don't be a guy who is afraid to try new things - try this prostate massager and say proudly, 'yes, I like toys up my butt!"

Glide into pleasure...

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Really great to hear a male perspective on this toy. Thanks for the review. I think this may be a winner for my man too ;)

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Honest, informative, and funny! I always enjoy your reviews MM!!

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