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I'm a believer that everything happends for a reason. Something sounds bad, feels bad, but has a good outcome. Case in point: My SO got laid off from his night shift job recently. He was really upset about it for a few days (said he felt 'useless'), but he's getting better because he realized some good things.

- No more messed up sleep schedule

- He can go back to school (and he decided to today, I'm sooooooo proud!)

- He's not so irritable

- Since our schedules aren't so different, we can have more nookie! Yay! Nookienookienookienookienoooookiiieeee!! Good for us, bad for our roommate! :P

I realize this is a relatively useless post, but I just had to post it somewhere! I love being a part-time optimist! :lol:

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There is nothing with being optimistic.

Too few people do it nowdays.

And no it is not a useless post.

I reminds us all that sometimes we do have to stop and see the positive in everything.

Glad to hear that things are looking up for you guys.

And just think, with a certificatre of graduation under his belt, your man could make wayyyy more money than before.

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