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A few q's:

What is the best way for women to "get back into" sex after child birth?

How can women stay "tight or toned" down there, especially after a second child? Just do kegals?

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Well, I would suggest reading my article on Sex After Kids as well as The New Dad's Guide to Sex:

Sex After Kids

New Dad's Guide To Sex

The basic thing is...do not rush her. She is tired (as are you) and hormonal and overwhelmed. She is trying to figure out how to be 'Mommy' and 'lover' and that is a hard trick! So, please read my articles and if you have any questions after that, please let me know.

Oh, and yes, Kegels are the #1 way to keep the PC muscles tight!

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The articles Mikayla wrote were very informative, and I recommend you to read them.

Also remember that most OB/GYNs will recomment abstaining for at least 6, if not 8 weeks post birth, to give her body time to heal and readjust. If she isn't in the mood, this is normal. Some women have a problem switching from Mommy to Wife mode. If she seems like she is "down" or kinda depressed (more than just tired), you will want her to talk with her OB/GYN about post-partum depression.

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