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Dum-dum-dee-dum….here cums the bride……and everyone else in the wedding party for that matter! This Vivid DVD stars some regulars like Savanna Samson, Rebecca Love, Mark Davis, Victoria Givens, Chris Cannon, and Evan Stone, and these wedding goers are sure to give you a thrill!

Emma & Steve are about to get married to please their rich parents, and they don’t even know each other. And, before the bride and groom say “I Do” to each other, they DO about everyone else in the wedding party!

Steve is a sexy, muscular, tattooed hunk of man, and Emma is one pierced sexy shaven princess.

Steve first gets down and dirty with a petite, voluptuous brunette, who happens to be a bridesmaid, and they both really go to town. Emma gets a 3-some with the best man and groomsman. Each one of them really knows how to give a show of awesome oral, fingering, and fucking.

More wedding party romps ensues, including a FF scene, and a MFF scene too.

Emma & Steve decide to make the best of things, seeing as they are married, they may as well enjoy each other, since, due to a hellacious pre-nup, they can’t cheat on each other. So, they consummate, & consummate, & consummate!!! After all, the parents of the recently wed want lots of grandchildren!

Something for everyone, you may forget to grab yourself a doggie bag after the reception!

Each scene is lengthy and with alternate angles. Not the greatest music (bow-chica-wow-wow & techno), you really don’t hear much of it with all the moaning and sighing and getting distracted by the awesome lingerie.

As with other Vivid DVDs, this one has extras, alternate angles, photo galleries, and other fun extras!

I give this DVD a Tyger rating of 4 paws (out of 5).

Hard To Believe She Wore WHITE!!!

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Very cute review Tyger.....you and this DVD were a match made in heaven!

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Sometimes you just gotta laugh at the person who gets to write porn scripts/ ideas ;)

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