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Oh... My... God... as I write this I am still having the most intense orgasm of my life. My local toy shop was having a buy two get one half off sale, and so I bought a new basic vibe (I still don't have a rabbit *sigh* need to buy one) and a little tiny g-spot vibe (My only g-spot toy as until recently I thought I didn't have one... turns out hell yeah I do... I just need a toy shaped like an allen wrench to get at it) but as I was saying OH MY FUCKING GOD! The combination of these two (well three counting the little ring vibe with the bunny sleeve I started off with) I was writing, I was moaning, I was having the sort of orgasms I write about (I write erotica... I always thought I was exaggerating) That was amazing, fantastic, and most awesome of all COMPLEtELY SOLO!

Now, I love my husband, and my husband loves me, but he's genderqueer and often isn't comfortable enough in his body to have sex... now I don't have to beg for two hours when he's feeling bad about his genitalia.

The g-spot vibe probably would be a little little on it's own, and it's not the most powerful thing in the world, but combine with the velvet touch vibe (very nice power on that BTW) and the light tease of the bunny sleeve ring vibe it was perfect, so perfect the sheets need to be changed. I could feel it rocking my whole body, normally I just feel my orgasms in my hips, legs, and you know, but not now I could feel it in my finger tips I should probably write this when I'm more coherent, let me just say it was good.

The velvet touch is heavenly, and not very expensive either, though I sense I may wear that baby out in the near future.

Love and Kisses,

Madeira Darling

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That's awesome! How'd I miss this post? It's great you found stuff that works for you! Even BETTER that it was on SALE!! Gotta love sales!! Thanks for the update.

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Wow, not sure how we ALL missed this post! It's such a great one!! Congratulations & I hope you've had many successful ventures since! ;)

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