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Mobsters Ball

Let me tell you about this new here DVD I got, produced by Wicked Pictures, see...but we hafta keep this on the down-low, ‘cuz if The Family found out I was talkin’ to ya, well, I’d end up swimmin’ with da fishes, if yous know what I means!

See, we got these hit-men, but it’s actually a team of 3, 2 dolls and a guy. They know how to get the job done. And they love to reward themselves after a job well-done by getting down in some back alley, if ya’s know what I mean *wink wink*. They just loves to reward themselves with a good ole fashioned 3-some. Gives new meaning to “pistol whippin’” ;) You may like to see them cummin’, but it’ll be the last thing that ya sees.

Bank Robbin’ is still an art here in the 30’s. And it’s all about finesse. Ya gotta have your own style to really get noticed & respected around these parts. The 2 girls that are still at “large” really have some great style, and leave the bank manager wishin’ there were more of these kinds of robbers, if ya know what I mean!

Of course, bein’ in the Mob, livin’ the life, and getting what you want, well, that means sometimes going to the broad that does the Money Laundering. And, boy does she have some style. Not to mention nice tits, and a really voluptuous figure to boot! Her hired muscle really knows how to do more than one job too. When she wants somethin’ done, she can count on him to take care of business…even if the business that needs takin’ care of is HER!

Then you have to go to The Cotton Club. There you can experience the night-life. Complete with thugs, dames, music, and one helluva lounge singer, she can hit those high notes, if yous get my drift. Watch her and the patrons really get it on in one great show of an orgy!

As always, Moonshine’s in high demand. Fuck prohibition! You gotta have hooch if you’re gonna be a thug! And this couple really knows how to brew some great hooch, as well as some hot lovin’ in the sun.

After a long day of illegal activities, relax at the Clubhouse with a few of your thugs and their dames. Play some pool, cards, and oh, watch the couples have at it too. It’s always nice to see people place more than their bets. He he he.

As you well know, being a thug means that sometimes the Feds will catch up to you, since you’re on all the Wanted posters. Watch one dame blow her way out of trouble in the jail cell, as 2 guards get the time of their life. She is one smart one, she is. Leaving them limp and well-loved as she leaves them in the cell as she is out on bail, so to speak.

Set in the 1930’s, this DVD stays pretty much in that theme, even with the music, props, and dress. Seeing the cover it looks like a regular DVD, until you flip it over that is. Complete with several bonus features, this is one quality film. Great shots, scenes, and close ups, this film has a lot to offer with 3-somes, couple action, and a voyeuristic feel while watching 2 couples go at it. Although, as we watched it, you could basically call out what they were going to do next, sucking, spitting, and fucking, there really wasn’t a lot of creativity there, but I will give kudos to the director, Brad Armstrong, for keeping with the theme.

I give it 3 out of 4 paws.

Suckin' and Fuckin' Gangsters

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Damn that was good....so cute and clever! 5 paws up!

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