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Take an erotic trip to the world of European erotica with this Blu production of Isabella, the European super slut. This film literally has something for everyone and every taste: MMF, FFF, FFM, FFMM; vaginal, anal, oral galore, cum shots, ATM (ass to mouth), ATP (ass to pussy), ATMATP (ass to mouth ass to pussy) -literally EVERYTHING! While I must confess, I am a bit disturbed by the rampant ATM and ATP scenes (I find them anti-hygenic and just gross) some people like that - so if you do, rock on!

The girls are widely ranged from small breasts to big, shaven and full bushes, petite, average and 'pleasantly plump' - and they are all horny and ready for sex. They do not speak English, but the moaning and groaning sounds the same in any language. The men are hung and in charge and add their own flare as they pump and push their ways to the glory shot.

The scenes are varied as well, hot-tubs, a patio deck, beds and my favorite - the sex club. In the sex club scene a very pleasantly plump woman wearing a PIG mask masturbates while the thinner starlets get banged but good. Poor piggy - she gets nothing but the hand. My hubby and I laughed hysterically! If you are a chubby lover, then this film will satisfy your desires big time!

The sex is hot (but remember, no condoms, no saftey or protection), the girls are hotter and the film is....well, porn. While the soundtrack doesn't match up so much to the scenes (think Japanese films) it is not too distracting and moaning is moaning whether you can tell it is really or not. The Europeans definitely have a knack for raunchy sex - and this film fits the bill!

Go European for FREE

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Grab your passport issued by Jill Kelly Productions, and take a trip with me to Italy to meet Isabella, the woman that loves to study art, but has a sick, twisted, and cruel husband in this European Erotica (a.k.a. PORN) DVD.

Adreo, Isabella’s husband, is addicted to sex, and joins a sexual sect that re-enacts sexual rituals to fulfill his lust for control, conquest, and desires, and becomes distant from his wife. The first seen is a MMF scene to initial a virgin into sex in a beautiful, large, tiled hot tub.

Then, he starts off seducing her friend, right in front of his wife, and engaging the 2 women in a 3-some. However, I didn’t like the fact that he was so pushy, and slapped the women in the face to show some dominance & control, big turn off for me. Then he moves on to forcing his wife to join the sect to share in the peversions, ranging from “glory-holing”, voyeurism, FF action, 3-somes, lots of anal & oral sex.

This is the first European film I’ve watched, and it is a bit more on the “erotic” side of porn, yet still is porn. The scenes are bit longer, the story line is followed rather nicely and drawn out, there’s a lot of spreading & displaying of the anus & labia with close ups, and the after-cum on the face is held and drawn out a bit more than “American” porn. The scenes were sexy, drawn out, and a bit less “cheesy” as some of the “American” porn too. The music wasn’t half bad either. The only 2 things I didn’t care for was that there were no condoms, even WITH all the anal, and there was anal to mouth action, which, to me is a high EW factor. The film is translated, so the voice-overs are obvious, and somewhat a bit dramatized.

Nevertheless, this film will give you the feeling of quality porn, with lots of variety, and, if you enjoy watching anal sex, this film is a definite must-have. A variety of body types, hair color, and hair quantities are abound. Something for almost any preference. I give it 3 out of 4 Tyger paws.


Isabella May's DVD of the Month

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When I think of a European porn I for some reason picture German goth bondage and industrial music playing in the background while some skinny pale guy is being whipped by a fat lady wearing a black vinyl catsuit and a gasmask.

As “Isabella” taught me, European porn is not always entirely like that. Sometimes instead it has a story about sex cults and freaky initiation rituals, which on camera just seem to be two guys doing one girl in a hot tub with candles around. The story is actually about a woman, Isabella, who’s husband joins a sex cult. She is dragged into the cult as well because she apparently has no free will. She is forced into all kinds of sexual activities that are borderline illegal in most countries, like having a three way with her husband and her cousin. There is some light bondage in the scenes but it is not the main focus of the film.

The film has some pretty raunchy sex scenes in it. These girls get every hole filled with cock. There is a variety of combinations including two girls one guy, one girl two guys, two girls with a third girl masturbating in the background. One area where this film was borderline was the amount of ass to mouth interaction. At some points it can be very hot, but other times, like when a guy goes straight from giving a girl anal to getting a blow job, it is weird. I guess its just not my thing. But hey, thats what a fast forward buttons are for.

The weirdest thing about the film by far has nothing to do with the sequence and type of penetration shown. Because the story is about a woman who’s husband is going sex cult crazy, she is forced to watch him have sex with other girls in front of her. The end results of this is very hot sex scenes interspersed with reaction shots of a very unhappy looking Isabella. Other people might be into that type of thing but for me it was somewhat uncomfortable to watch. Overall however it was a hot, dirty film. If you are looking for a film with some very light bondage and dirty sex check this one out.

Get your Isabella FREE!

Isabella, Eurotrash for the soul.....

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