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Which Lube To Choose?


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I have finally bought a strapon after wanting it for several years. Took a while for wife to warm up to the idea but she finally agreed. We have used it once and I think she is ok with it. I want to know what is a good lube to use without a huge mess. It is a large toy and I think I could take it going slow and with lots of lube, but I dont know which lube to use that is best. Any suggestions?

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I love Astroglide, Too Timids lube is wonderful and the new Doc Johnsons cherry scent. There are alot of lubes out there that dont stain, and last long. Click the review button on the top of board and you will find lots of reviews on the lubes. It really depends on how much you are willing to spend, but most of the lubes here are non-staining. Hopes this helps some.

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Well, Astroglide Shooters is great for anal play, but, you do have to be careful, cuz the stuff is SLICK!!!

I got some anal lube with a kit I got, called, ironically enough Doc Johnson's Anal Lube, which we don't sell seperately (yet), though you may be able to find it online or an adult store in person. The consistency is like petroleum jelly (very thick and very slick), safe to use with any toy since it IS water-based, and works very, very well!

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