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One Year Anniversary Coming Up For My Husband And I


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WHAT DO I DO...We've been going out/married for a year in march the 3rd to be precise...we started having sex in August and things are alittle bit boring right now I want to get us out of our bed room and in a different enviroment. I wanted us to have money to go to a BDSM club on the east coast but thats not happening (Plus My body isn't in the correct PERFECT shape ;))

Anyways, I'm thinking about us going to the nearest city and getting a hotel room. I already have a bottle of champagne that we were given and a bottle of wine so take your pick...but I need to come up with CHEAP ways of wowing my man.


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Seduction - that's the key word here - that and the element of surprise!

Once, I wanted to get my lover in a better mood - he'd been a grump for several days - so, I went to his place of work, left a rose under the windshield wipe of his truck...went back home, started fixing his favorite supper - took care of everything around the house that needed tending to...and then left a rose on the outside door...rose petals and signs with red arrows pointing the way upstairs...rose petals on the stairs...candles lit all over the place and ME in the middle of the bed holding a rose in my teeth...

Believe me, by the time he started up the stairs, I could hear him laughing...when he entered the bedroom, he wanted to know if I was trying to tell him something - yeah, big boy...'ya think? Anyway, it worked - and we laughed, made love, I fed him supper in the bed - made more love - eventually ended up downstairs in front of the fire place - and made love again!

Anything can become boring, if we let it - so, surprise him, send him flowers to his office - not many men get flowers sent to them. He may bitch, moan and groan a bit - but deep down, he'll be tickled! Send him love notes to his work...pretty soon he'll be enjoying trying to figure out what you'll come up with next!

Good luck!

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OK....So, you want to celebrate in style! First, never worry about your body being in "perfect" shape - what does that mean exactly? Even models get airbrushed! If you FEEL sexy, you will BE sexy. So just feel good about yourself, and you will be the sexiest thing your hb has ever laid eyes on!

If you can't afford the BDSM club, then bring the BDSM club to you! You don't need to spend a fortune to go to the club to have the experience of it.

First, create the atmosphere. Darken the room and light candles. I suggest trying to find some kind of candle holder thatn emits a dark red, orange or yellow light. Look at Target, Wal-Mart, etc and see what you can find. Right now Target has their "Worlds" collection displayed, you might find something in the Asian or European sections. Place them around the room so that their is enough light to see, but not too much light. Romantic and sultry.

If you can, purchase a resraint kit that has handcuffs and blindfolds. Tootimid has a cheap one that you can use just for play. You can also go to your local hardware store and buy nylon rope. You put the rope under the bed mattress to tie your hb wrists down.

I would also suggest a little whip or flogger. There are so many kinds to choose from. Horsehair, leather, faux leather, fur....try to find one that is in your price range. These are fun to tantilize your lover with, even if you are not into the full on spanking thing (but then again, you wanted to go to a BDSM club, right?)

You MUST have some sort of outfit that is befitting a Mistress. This means LEATHER! I don't care what size or shape your body is in, you can find a leather corset or bustier for a reasonable price if you start looking now. Check around and find one that you will be comfortable in. If it were ME, I would go the whole nine yards: leather corset, fishnet stockings with garters, thigh high "fuck me" boots, a leather and chain choker. If your hb sees you in an outfit like that and doesn't cum on command...I don't know!

If you can't afford all of that, get the essentials. Even a leather bra (or a plain black bra and matching thong) with the boots and choker would get the job done! Just use your creativity and see what you can come up with!

Then, once you are all "in gear" do up your make-up in a more severe manner. You have to look the part. If you have long hair - put it in a sexy ponytail. Now you are ready to command your man.

Set it up so that he comes to the room and you are ready for him, dressed to kill, whip in hand. Order him to undress (naked or to undies) Then take control. Put a leash on him if you have one, if not, tie him to the bed. You should stay in character, be the Mistress. Make him call you Mistress....make him service you.

You can play with toys, ice, wax, whatever you want. Just make sure that your love slave services you and that you service him until you have both had a wonderful anniversary!

The rest of the details are up to you....but remember - you are the Mistress, you control him. If you feel too insecure about being the one in control, then you can still dress up and tell him you will be HIS submissive for the night. Dress up and kneel on the floor. When he comes in address him as "Master" and say "for your anniversary, Master, I am here to please only you."

Then it is up to him to take the reigns, so to speak!

Good luck, have fun, and Happy Anniversary!

Mikayla :ph34r:

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Ty, Mikayla,

He and I talked for a brief moment about what to do like Recreational wise today but SEX NEVER ENTERED THE CONVO....BLAH!

We live close to the black hills so he wants to go through the black hills on a scenic drive to Rapid City SD

Anyways, I just want to get there alittle bit before supper drop him off at borders because he has TONS of gift certs to spend there. And then I would go to the hotel and set it up and then go for supper with him...but I'm not sure he'll let me drop him off

he's gotten pretty possesive of me these days, since our big fight.

Anyways, I was thinking all romantic. Roses, petals, candles, new lingerie(haven't bought any since we were dating I'd say its time to buy new stuff) Any ideas for some new tricks I could try he's VERY boring he either dominates me (I'm a sub(BTW) so the that was the thought behind the BDSM club but like I said we can't afford it.) Or be all gentle missionary sex...its alittle boring, I'm a Big gal so not all sex positions are possible but I want to throw some new foreplay or SOMETHING into my life.

He thinks for our anniversary it will just be a peaceful day driving through the hills...I'm like excuse me F#@# that....but eh.

Any other ideas based on the further knowledge I've disposed.

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Allrighty....so you want something easy that you can do in a hotel room, without much notice and prep.

Go for the new lingerie. That is definitely something that will put your mind and body in a sexy mood. Find something you like and feel comfortable in. Bring candles to put around the room (just watch where you put them and remember to pack a lighter!)

Perhaps we should go with more of a Tantric style sex....get some music that you like, something soothing, perhaps New Age or Jazz...(obviously bring a CD player) He has those gift certs right? Pick up something from Steve Halpern like "Winter's Solstice" - this is really nice for sensual sex. Put on your music, light your candles, open your bubbly, then go change in the bathroom. Come out and sip your champagne.

Then, give him a nice, sensual massage. Use your body. Use your breasts to rub against him. Relax him...but excite him at the same time. Then when it is time for sex try something new. Just because you are a "bigger girl" does not mean that you can't try new positions. For example, the X position, which I talk about frequently, is a great one for ANY SIZE person. You have to lower yourself onto his cock, then you just slowly lean back so you are laying backward. Your feet should be by his head, and the two of you look like an "X" This position is great for slow sex, for clitoral stimulation, it will give him the show of his life (watching his cock slide into you) and it will give you great G-spot stimulation. This is super sultry and sexy, and you can do it even if you were pregnant - that is when I used it most!

Before you get to that though, try spicing up his blow job. Get a bucket of ice to keep by the bedside. When he is in the zone, grab a cube and put it in your mouth, then go back down on his cock. The shock at first might set him off - but he will love it! I have done this with almost all my lovers and they all loved it! Try to give him the best BJ of the year! Suggest to him that he use the ice on you as well.

Just try different things. Then, after you have had sex, take him to the shower. Wash him off, let him wash you off. Play together in the shower. There is nothing like sparking round two like some soapy shower fun!

Just enjoy being together and having fun and good sex. Slow, intimate sex doesn't have to be the same all the time, and you can try different positions to see what works for you. Explore the site here, I have given many posters advice on many positions that would work for you...check them out!

Hope this helps some more!

Mikayla :rolleyes:

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<_< When you said Big gal, did you mean that you are 6 foot 6 inches and your man is 5 feet 2 inches tall? Or did you mean you are a gal of (+) size? Have you communicated with your lover to see what he wants from you? It does sound like you have issues, but they are afterall, your issues, aren't they? Does your guy have any issues? :o
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