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A Poem I wrote him.

Shades of azure and the blue of a cloudless sky,

little shimmers of turquoise,

dancing around a sun of ebony.

A flicker of gold, glinting off blue,

as blue as waters off the coast of Kerry.

What marvelous things I see my love, when I look in your eyes.

I see a gentle sweetness,

but you would disagree that with me,

so I just hold that close and keep it to myself.

It's my own secret pleasure.

I see dreams that slumber, unsettled,

ready to awaken and take shape.

Like etheral beings that wander and mill

about until their time is called.

Wondrous things yet to be.

I see great love,

and all that is to be had with that,

and I embrace it gladly, and pocket it.

Like a precious gem that had fallen, in the road,

unnoticed, stepped over as others

had foolishly overlooked it,

traveling in haste on their journey to nothingness.

Lucky me, that I had that chance,

that one moment in time to

look in your eyes and see.

In your eyes I see love returned,

understanding that all is perfect

in it's imperfection.

Love makes it so.

I see safety and I see happiness,

total joy and satiety.

I see your heart and I see your


I see the greatest love,

I will ever know in this life,

and I see where it is I need to be.

I see more than blue when I look

in your eyes.

I see my eternity.

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