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Trevor's Favorite (one Of Mine Too)


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I am working the night shift late, at Amy's, a dank seedy diner on the wrong side of town. I sigh, as I look past my reflection in the dirty window glass to see the rain. Trevor loves the rain. I think sadly to myself. I wonder what he is doing while I toiled away at this job. I sigh and then my eyes narrow as they see my reflection in the glass. Ralph, the diner's owner has just issued us new uniforms, again. The top cut so low that my ample breasts were straining to get out. I turned to see the back is high enough, that my blue satin panties peek out, when I move my hips. I grumble, as I pull the skirt down a little. This pulls my top lower, and I try to yank it back up and hold the skirt down at the same time. It doesn't budge, so I give up trying to fix it, and stomp over to behind the counter.

I sigh again, as I look forlornly back out into the rain, then around the empty diner. Even Charlie, the cook, has gone home for the night. "The three o'clock crowd is really thin today," I say softly to myself. I start to wash the counter with the only clean towel I can find. The door jingles, as a man in a hooded raincoat enters the diner. I barely glance at him as I say, "Just sit anywhere, I will be with you in a minute." As I continue to wipe the counter, the man wipes off some rainwater from his coat, and sits himself in a dark booth.

The heels on my mandatory high heels click on the tiled floor, as I walk over to the customer. "What can I get for you today, sir?" I ask, only half interested in his answer.

"I don't know," he replies. Suddenly, one of his hands shot out and grabs a hold of my ass. "What are you serving?" he asks with not too subtle innuendo.

My brown hazel eyes flash, as I slap his hand away. "SIR!!! That is not on the menu!" I shout outraged. When I start to curse him out, he laughs, as he pushes his hood back. I laugh, too. When I see that it is you.

"I'm glad you are not offering yourself up on the menu, Jodi." You laugh again, as I smack you on the shoulder, with the menu in my hand. "You scared the crap out of me, jerk!" But I am unable to stay mad at you, because you grin devilishly up at me. I glance around the diner, before I pull your face to mine for a kiss. You reach down my back and unhook my bra under my shirt, as I lean over you.

I teasingly flit away from you, down the diner to the door. I smile invitingly over my shoulder, as I lock the door. As I am facing the door, I take my bra out of my shirt. I can hear you groan all the way across the room, as I purposely drop my blue satin bra onto the floor. I now use my short uniform to my advantage, as I saunter slowly towards you. My, now, free breasts push at my shirt, with the hard nipples trying to peak through.

I put my hands on my hips, as I ever so slowly hike my skirt higher up onto my thigh. I smile while you unzip your pants, and release your already hard member. “I am glad you are putting my Christmas presents to good use, Jodi,” you say as my blue stain panties are exposed and taken off.

I laugh as I let myself reach you. Your hands shoot out to pull my hips over your stiff rod, but I shake my head. You look pleadingly up at as I scoot away again. “Nuh huh, baby,” I say teasingly. “Not yet.” I giggle as you make a sad puppy dog face, pushing your lip out into a pout. I take pity on you and grasp your huge cock in my warm hands. You groan and lean back into the booth, as my hands move up and down on your hard cock.

I take off my shirt, before I kneel down on the floor. I smile as I take your hard cock into my mouth. You groan again and use your hands to push my head down farther onto your cock. I use my tongue to lave around the side of your hot shaft, as my head bobs up and down. I reach around and grip your ass, trying to take almost the whole thing in my mouth. My long nails bite into your ass, as my hot moist mouth sucks hard, and my lip gloss smears all over your long shaft.

You look down at the fire fairy that you put onto my left shoulder blade for a similar payment. Your right hand traces the intricate design that you made special for me. You gasp my name, as my teeth graze your sensitive tip. I lick the pre-cum off and like my lips, as you moan. You lean back into the booth, as I stand up.

I push my skirt to the floor, and stand before you in all of my naked splendor. You grasp your hard pole and stroke it, as I step out of my skirt, and advance towards you. I spread my legs wide and impale myself on your huge cock. I moan loudly as I slide slowly down your stiff rod. You hold roughly onto my hips as we grind together. I mash my big tits together as you slam your huge cock into me.

“That’s it, baby girl. Fuck me. I have been naughty. Ah! Oh yeah! Fuck!” You grunt out the last words, as I tighten the inner muscles of my pussy, gripping you from inside. “Yeah, Jodi! Fuck me like you never have fucked before! Yeah! Fuck my big cock.” You say dirtily into my ear. You slap my ass, and I cry out at the mix of pain and pleasure from the action.

I do a little twist and grind movement with my hips, which I had picked up in a book, as I smile down into your shocked face. “You mean fuck you, like this baby?” I twist the other way and you grunt, beads of sweat popping out all over your forehead. “Or fuck you like this?” I slow down to a crawling pace, as I slowly ride up your iron hard pole. You groan in frustration as I slide down with excruciating slowness. I can’t hold the slow pace for long, because I am too excited by your huge cock deep inside of me.

I let the pace speed up. We slam our hips together. The loud squish-sluuurck-a-squish sound echoing through the empty diner. I start to moan, “Oh please, Trevor! Come on, yes! Oh please, Trevor!” over and over. Just when I feel like I am really close, you stand up from the booth, with me still impaled on your huge cock.

I gasp with surprise as you lay me down onto the cool hard table, and start ramming your big dick into me from above. I wrap my legs around your hips, as I moan, “Oh yes! Fuck me, Trevor! Fuck me! Yes! I love your giant cock drilling deep into me! Ah! Yeah! Oh my GOD!!! Oh yeah! TREVOR!!!! Fuck it, TREVOR!” The table creaks and moans underneath our combined weight, in time to your hard cock ramming my sopping wet pussy.

“Is that how you like it baby girl? Oh yeah you want it harder? Yeah! Yes! I’m fucking you, Jodi!” You grunt as your giant pole slams home. Finally, I experience the biggest orgasm of my life, and I scream and cry as you keep fucking me hard.

The feeling of my sputtering pussy and the intense pleasure you are feeling collide together and your cock explodes into my awaiting pussy. You cry out my name in a yelling roar, as you pump until I have taken the last drop of your hot sticky cum.

We pass out on the table in a big sweaty exhausted heap. When I finally come around, I laugh because you still have all of your clothes on. You slowly slide out of me, and help me get off the table. I don’t bother getting dressed as we finish closing up the diner. You pile all of my clothes up into a bundle in one arm, and hold my hand on the way to the door of the diner.

We both stand at the entrance to the diner looking out into the rain, you with your coat still on and me completely naked. I turn to you and smile slyly. “You know, we have never fucked in the rain before.” I laugh hilariously, as I run out into the parking lot, leaving you standing shocked, excited and speechless in the doorway.

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I'm glad you like them. Trevor has the most because he lives in Austrailia. (Harder to call on the phone.) ;) Thanks for the nice comments.

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