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Classic Duets - Encore 2


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What could be better than a classic vibe? A vibe AND a phallic sleeve of course! You can not tell by this picture, but underneath that silver pleasure sleeve is a 10" long and 1.25" wide classic vibe (with sleeve width is 1.75"). This is no ordinary vibe my friends, but a slightly curved tip enhances the smooth texture of this ample bad boy. The phallic sleeve fits over the vibe and provides a more 'realistic', softer feel. The sleeve is a rubber-ish texture, so it does not feel like real skin, but the texture and the realistic 'head' make it feel more like a real man.

I decided to play nice and slow last night, so I began with just the vibe. I inserte the 2C batteries (you KNOW it has some power!) and washed him and dried him. I also washed the sleeve in preparation for later play. I settled down on my pillow filled bed for some nice, slow Os. The vibe is sleek on the top, and the lower 1/3 has ridges. This makes it easy to hold. The vibrations are multi-speed, and change via a dial on the base. It is a fairly loud toy (but most with B batteries are). I loved the way the slight tip of the vibe teased my special spots just right. The vibrations are decent and easily got me to a clitoral orgasm. I then decided to add some lube and insert this vibe. I love the tip hittig my insides, and tried desperately to have a G-spot orgasm, but just couldn't get there. I do think this toy would stimulate it just fine if it were a bit shorter, and thereby easier to navigate. Perhaps later with my hubby's help....

Anyway, I used my small bullet for clitoral stim and together with this vibe had a nice series of Os. I was then eager to place the sleeve on. I applied a little more lube and slid the sleeve easily over the vibe. It definitely increases the girth and it felt nice and tight going in. With a little extra lube for insertion, I was humping and pumping this silver stud in and out of me. It felt wonderful - yet, not quite 'realistic' - but good none-the-less. I was enjoying the filling sensation, the girth and the vibrations. Although, the vibrations do get a bit muted with the sleeve on. I used my mini-bullet again and had many, many solo Os with this nice combo.

I woud suggest this item for any gal who wants some options for play. The vibe is simple and sleek and does have a nice curve to the tip. It is fairly large (length and girth) but not overly so. It would not be good for newbies. The sleeve enhances playtime nicely, and feels similar to the real deal, but not totally lifelike. Vibrations vary from weak to fairly strong and will tempt and tease you into orgasmic bliss!

I had encore after encore with this passionate combo set! Don't wait, if you are looking for a simple vibe with options, this is for you!


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Sometimes it just great to go back to basics!

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