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Uh-oh! How could THIS have happened?! I woke up remembering I still had a toy to review and today was my deadline. Sometimes life gets ahead of us and we put-aside the little pleasures by accident. Well, I wouldn’t put this aside anymore. I was going to start my morning great!

Shaped like an elongated lightbulb and yellow as a Spring daffodil, the Mini-Blaster makes me smile. It’s cheery!

Waterproof means clean-up is easy and playtime can happen in the tub or shower. The Mini-Blaster uses four watch batteries (eight are included). Twist the base off to insert the batteries. There’s a paper in the battery chamber to show which way the batteries need to be set. (Unless a toy specifies otherwise, I leave that slip in to help the batteries from rattling as they sometimes do.) The push button is on the bottom of the base. Push once, twice, three times for three levels of vibration.

After I washed it with soap and water, used an antibacterial wipe on it and inserted the batteries, I ran it over my hand to check the vibes. “Ooh! Idea!” I took my toy back to bed, snuggled in, and began massaging my hands with the Mini-Blaster. I have bad circulation and arthritis upon waking and wondered if this would do me any good. For 5-10 minutes I ran the vibe over my hands, attending each finger in turn. I felt the difference immediately. I was able to bend my fingers without any pain. They felt alive, awake and normal. It was great!

Through this, I’m hearing the vibes and getting aroused, thinking how great they’ll feel on my clit. So as soon as my hands were sated, my toy mini-blasted under the covers to awaken my clit as well.

Low level is sultry. It’s high enough to satisfy my needs if I crave a long, slow orgasm. Middle is strong and got me off many times. There isn’t much difference between middle and high; both are satisfying.

I would have loved to have this when I worked all those years in an office. Too much typing day-in and day-out can be painful. With this little thing in your desk, you can pull it out for hand relief without anyone looking funny at you, because it looks like a normal massager, not a “kinky sex toy.” (Maybe you could even get the office budget to pay for it: ERGONOMIC SAFETY! Haha!) And, for a quick pick-me-up during the day, you could always take it to your car for a more personal stress relief! (Though not loud, it would be heard in the office bathroom.)

The Mini-Blaster is a pretty-colored, simple, easy-to use little vibe that made me feel great all over. I think it’s found its way to my bedside table. Every morning should start out so well!

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Great review....I look at it as a sort of surprise...oh look, I have a NEW toy to review... guess I will have to chill in bed a while....

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How cute!! It kinda reminds me of a little yellow joystick....I guess it is, in more ways than just 1!!!

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