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Tighten Up Shrink Creme


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Usually I have a cute lil snappy opening line for all my reviews.

This simply is not the case for this product.

I bought this as a surprise for a lover.

I figured after haveing given birth to 5 children, I may not be as tight as I used to be.

I have heard rave reviews from others on a similar product, and I figured,

one is the same as the other right?


So I got my box from TT, and as usual the shipping is super fast.

I was like a kid at christmas time.

I opened the box and found my order to be exact, gotta love that.

I found my Tighten up shrink creme and could not wait to use it.

So I look on the package, and there are no instructions printed on it.

Ok, I figured maybe it was on the jar itself.

So I opened up the package, look on the jar, and nothing...

no instructions.

Hmm, ok, so I figure I will have to wing it.

I put a small ammount on my finger, and place it on my inner labia.

I wait a few minutes, and nothing.

So I figure maybe I didn't use enough.

So I applied some more, waited a few minutes, Nothing.

I figured ok, maybe the efects will kick in while I am reviewing a new toy.

So I break out my hypersonic vibe and a bullet, and begin playing.

Quite honestly, I did not feel any differance.

The only upside i did find with this product, was that it is water based, wich means it can be safely used with

all types of toys, and cleanup is simple.

It is non staining, and has no funky smell.

I have no idea if it has a bad taste or not, I never used it with my partner.

This simply did not work for me, will it work for you?

I can not honestly answer that, since everything works diferantly for each person.

Would I buy it again? no.

I did not see enough of a differance to warrent a future purchase.

Tighten up

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In my honest experience, most tighten up creams don't work. There are some that work great for helping with clitoral sensations (like Viva cream) but they are not meant to actually 'tighten up' anything. Mostly they are blood vessel contrictors. Sorry you found this dissapointing Whiskey - I am sure you are tight enough without it! ;)

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