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The Curse, Sex & Toys

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My question is about the curse, sex and toys. ;) The curse - yes that oh so wonderful time of the month when a woman's body clears its self. I know that for me I am damned horney all the time (even when I am flushing). I know that you should always use a condom whenever you are with your partner, and I know that there are some guys that do like having sex with women at that time of month too (or it just doesn't matter so long as they are getting it). But I was wondering about using toys at that time of the month. Are there any concerns with that too? :huh:

Should you be extra clean with everything (am compulsive about how clean everything is already), should you use anything extra from the normal, soaps, cleaners, or alcohol? Is it okay to play in the shower - should you be concerned with using anything internally at that time of the month - I mean after you have already washed and rinsed off and you just want to play? :unsure: Kinda like getting clean inside and out.

I know that is the last place that I want to have any type of infection or other problem. :blink: Does anyone have any advice, suggestions, or knowledge on this subject? I really appreciate any input.

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This is actually a GREAT question!

Doctors say that there is no health risks associated with having sex during your menstrual cycle - in fact, for many women it is extremely enjoyable AND beneficial due to her increased horniness and increased natural lubrication (the bleeding) - so it seems a more natural time to participate in sex. Plus, it can greatly decrease cramping - super bonus!

However, if you are with a partner with whom you practice condom sex (i.e. not married) - still do this during this time of the month - 1) you CAN GET PREGNANT ON YOUR PERIOD!!!! and 2) STD's and HIV virus passes through with blood and bodily fluids and let's face it, blood will be present in more than normal amounts! :blink:

Having sex during a woman's cycle is a personal choice - it depends on the couple. For me, the first 2 days are OFF LIMITS for sure - after that it is really a toss up. Many women WILL NOT do it - others don't miss a beat during the month.

As for toys during sex, if you can stick a penis up there and it is safe - you can stick a toy up there. You just need to be extremely diligent in cleaning the toy after use - you want to sterilize it with antibacterial soap - or a good toy cleaner is fine - you really don't need anything but a good antibacterial soap - and if you can - put it in your dishwasher for an extra cleaning if you feel the need - but most don't need it, and the battery ones you can't anyway!

Perhaps it would even behoove you to use a condom on your toys just to be extra safe - but most toys now a days are made of a wonderful material that doesn't crack or break, making clean up easy!

The only other advice I have is to make sure you pee before and after you sex experience - this will help to clear your bladder as to ensure no bacterial infections get in there, especially since you are having sex at a time when there is a little more bacteria present than normal!

Great question - thanks for asking!

Mikayla :rolleyes:

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