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Glass is, by far, my most favorite toy material and I couldn’t wait for this item to arrive in my mailbox. Opening the package, I was reminded how heavy glass can be and how very classy it looks. The Eden Snake of Paradise feels great in my hands with all its nubbies and amber colored bumps along the corkscrewed shaft.

When the magic moment came, I was giddy with anticipation of the sensations this jewel would provide. I was not disappointed. The twists and turns in the body of this sex snake were accentuated by every pleasure knob as it ran against my inner walls. The temperature difference between the toy and my body temperature held a delicious thrill when first inserted. Its head is perfectly sized and positioned to hit the G spot and within an amazingly short amount of time I had the most intense internal orgasm!

I cannot say enough positive things about this item; and perhaps in this particular case, less is more. All the wonderful things you may have heard about glass are doubly true in this case – there are no batteries needed, it warms or chills for temperature play, and it has smooth yet firm surface that exudes strength. Glass is easy to clean, so when playtime is done just wash with antibacterial soap and store in the plush velveteen bag included in the toy packaging.

The Eden Snake of Paradise is a perfect size, able to satisfy both beginners and toy veterans alike. If you are interested in glass, or looking to expand your glass collection, look no further.

Pleasure Awaits You!

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I love the look of this toy, and am glad to hear that it works as well as it looks!!

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Terrified of snakes? Well now is the time to face your fears! The Eden Snake of Paradise will be the one snake that will be sure to please you. This snake has all the right curves and added bumps that will delight you.

Once I opened my box from TooTimid, I couldn’t help but get over how pretty even the package was! Provided with the glass snake is a velvet bag for storage.

I was excited to try this baby out, I washed my new glass dildo(don‘t forget wash before and after each use), laid in bed and got all ready to take on the snake! Still cool to the touch, the Eden Snake of Paradise was nice and smooth, and warmed up with my body. The bumps along the two sides were not as noticeable as I was hoping they were going to be. Will have to review again and pay extra special attention to the colorful little orange bumps! On to the curves…………oh yes this snake has curves! I was pleasantly surprised that the way the Snake is curved made me feel full. With those curves the Snake feels thicker than what it actually is! With it’s diameter measuring 1.25 inches and a length of 8.5 inches. I was fully pleased with the slithering of this snake!

The Eden Snake of Paradise gets a 5 out of 5 in my book, because it’s glass which is always a favorite as you can heat it up or cool it down, the smoothness and hardness of glass, and because of those curves! This has the looks and feel that all the glass lovers as myself like, and is great for the newbie as well! This one will surely last a long time and get plenty of use!

Eden Snake of Paradise!

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