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I saw this and thought it would be a nice as I am trying to get more waterproof toys. It is a pretty purple color that measures 4 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter. Made of plastic so it can be used with any lube, which is an added bonus. This one is small and discreet so it can be taken anywhere just by throwing it in your purse. When I received it, I took it out of the packaging and washed it up with warm water as well as anti-bacterial soap. Since this is waterproof, cleanup is a snap. Once it was clean and dry I opened it and added the 1 AA battery that is needed. It comes apart in the center---you just pull it apart.

The function of turning it on is strange---you turn it until the two arrows line up then it will turn on. Mind you the arrows are not black or something you can really see. Once I figured that out I checked out the beads going up and down the entire toy. They aren't very large. They are slightly raised. So if you are someone that is not a big fan of bumps you probably will enjoy this.

So I then took it to the shower with me for some fun. It is a little loud. Not something you can't hide, but noticeable. I used it on my clit first. There is only one setting and I am someone that likes it strong; this on is more of a medium. It did provide a nice feeling. I didn't achieve orgasm through it but it did help with building towards it.

This is nice, say for a beginner or someone that isn't into strong vibes. With its reasonable price it would be perfect to see if you would enjoy it or not. I can't say that I will be using this a lot. It will be nice to mix it up with once in a while for a change.

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Oh!! Pretty and cute, but, since not overly strong, unfortunately, not for me!! Thanks for the honesty!!

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