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I thought when looking over different products that this one looked quite different than anything I have. It is 3 inches in length and .5 inches in diameter unstretched. It is very stretchy to fit over various toys. This would be a nice addition to place over one of my slim vibes or bullets to add a new sensation. After taking it out of the packaging and giving it its bath in warm water and anti-bacterial soap, I had to investigate it further. It has nubs over the entire length and is a pretty shade of pink. The top reminded me of antennas on a bug. There were two slightly larger "antennas" on the top.

Well I looked over several of my toys and decided to place it on another toy from Too Timid called My First Bullet. It fit nice and snug. I would say something like that is perfect for it. The bullet is 2 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter.

I love strong vibes and texture. This had both and was right up my alley. After it was all set up I put a little lube on my clit. Then I started slowly moving it around the slit first and it felt nice. Then moving slowly towards my clit and starting with a low vibe. This felt nice and I could feel the nubs, as well as the antennas on the top. I then increased the vibe and it felt very good. Wthin very little time It had me enjoying a nice clitoral orgasm.

I will definitely say if you are someone that likes nubs and wants something a little different, this is a good addition. Especially as it is very reasonable in price and easy to care for. It is highly recommended and something that I will definitely use again.

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It sure does look like a little pink buggie!! LOL

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