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A Question From My Female Friend


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My female friend wanted me to ask ya's a question and the question is what could make her have blood in her poop?? I didn't want to hear it from her but it sound's serious.


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Ok, first....is she sure it is IN her poop and not just IN the water? When dealing with this serious issue, it is important to note a few details. This may get gross, but hey...you asked. IF she wipes and she notices blood ON THE PAPER and it is BRIGHT RED, that means the blood is close to the end of her rectum and is new blood. Most likely that is a hemmoroid issue - but she should have it checked, especially if she has no anal itching or any other signs that go along with it. She is young - so I am not so sure about that.

IF the blood color is DARK RED or BROWN that is old blood, and means it is coming from higher in the rectum or intestinal tract and that could mean a problem up higher - a polyp or some other growth that is causing a problem - or, in the FAR extreme a cancerous growth. Dark blood colors are never good to see in the rectal secretions because the problem is farther up the tract.

Now, if she notices no blood when she wipes, but blood in the water - make sure that the blood is actually blood. I mean, has she eaten a lot of red peppers for example. They don't digest all the way, and can appear "bloody" in the stools. If she is sure that it is blood floating in the water - again check for the color - is it BRIGHT RED or DARK RED? Dark red can be deceiving because, well, poop can be different colors. BRIGHT RED, well that can be hemmorroids or other things.

Do you two have anal sex? IF so, she may be developing a small tear if you are not using enough LUBE! Is she constipated frequently? If so, have her drink A LOT of water.....water, water water. Also, make sure it is not her period blood she thinks is in her stool.....just checking.....all options!

My best advice is - if she is sure it is not a hemmorroid - and as I said, she is young - and she is sure it actually is blood in her stools - she should go see a doctor - it can be very serious and should never wait!

Hope that helps!

Mikayla ;)

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Its as Mikayla1 told you previously. Most likely it is from hemorrhoids. But, your GF should see a doctor either way and have this checked out. Young people do get thes- our sedentary living styles are a contributing factor- so there is no reason to be embarrassed or overly concerned.

While it is true that young people can get these - it is rarer in younger people than older people (40's and up). However, because of what you said, I would say the blood is not IN her poop but it is probably a hemmorroid. Does she have any itching? Sometimes that goes along with it, or if it is an internal hemmorroid, she may not. Have her get it checked out. You can never be too careful when it comes to your health.

Mikayla :rolleyes:

By the way Howard....what "sedentary" living style are you referring to? I barely sit on my ass - except to write on here. lol :D I am just kidding, we are much more "couch potatoish" than we used to be years ago, and this can indeed contribute to these things. Also, if she has had a child, that can DEFINITELY cause them as well.

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Hemmoroids are caused from swollen blood vessels in the rectum,

They happen from being constipated and straining to pass stools or if you have had children in the past.

Bleeding coming from the rectum is a serious condition and needs to be checked out yesterday.

There are several causes, anything from a mild case of hemmoroids as earlier suggested, to something more sinister like a bleeding ulcer in the bowels.

Either way, bleeding means an open sore, and since its near the rectum, an infection is not all that unlikely.

She really needs to see a physician, likeyesterday.

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