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this story i hope will be acceoted as payment. she knows what for. :D

As I stood in front of the shower door waiting for the water to warm up, you sneak in behind me

and reach around me grabbing my dick and spinning me around. You get to your knees and start

sucking me until I am as hard as a rock, taking me as deep in your throat as you can. Then you

start sucking on my balls while you stick two fingers up my ass, and just as I am about to explode

you stop and lay down on your back and tell me that you want my rock hard dick in you deep. I

see that you clit and lips are swollen with excitment so dripping wet, so for pay back for the unfinished blow job I start sucking the jucies off you lips. You start squirming and telling me that you want me in side of, but i just keep sucking. When I think you are about to cum, I stop for a moment and then I stick my dick in your dripping wet and swollen pussy and start thrusting, your screaming for me to go harder and deeper. We both cum together in the strongest orgasim that we have ever had, both dripping wet from sweat and each others cum. We rember that the shower is still running and that is what I came in here for, so we both jump in together and start washing each other, just when I thought we were done you get to your knees and give the best blow job you ever have. unfortunatly the fun comes to an end as we get out of the shower and dry each other off. Now that is why I love showers.

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Great story! -whew- ^_^

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Damn! I love a good shower, too. Even better is a very, very bad shower! ;) Yummy!

Oh, I think I hear it calling to me now ....

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Oh showers are so much fun. Just as much fun is a nice bubble bath together. What trouble can be started and had. ;)

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