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Secret Suburban Sex Parties


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Secret Suburban Sex Parties

Wanna join the party? The Producer, Nick Orleans, really knows how to throw them! He throws 6 parties in a row: Panty Party, Bachelorette Party, Breakfast Party, Going Away Party, Lingerie Party, and, of course, a Birthday Party.

Each party is rather long too. Combined, all 6 parties are over 100 minutes of party-time!

They all consist of a group of women, sometimes 3, 4, or 5, and usually one guy. What I find almost intimate about all these parties, are that the man only has actual intercourse with only ONE girl. Sure, he pets, fondles, kisses, and plays with another or 2, but he has intercourse with only one. To me, this was more of a turn-on than watching a guy screw all the women in the room. It gave me a more voyeuristic feeling, and that was hot!

Nick knows whom to invite too! Although, some of the names themselves were, well, different! People like: Envy Mi, Cherokee, Olivia Saint, May, Honey, Stefany May, Pat Myne, and more. (I couldn’t make those up if I tried! LOL) Yes, you can meet so many different & sexy people at Nick’s parties.

He has all natural women to his parties. The only fake thing I saw on these ladies were acrylic nails! The girls were all hot, real, sexy, and curvy. You also got a variety of snatch-watching too. Some snatches were hairy, neatly trimmed, bald, as were the men’s genital areas too! Nothing like a variety of “snacks” at parties! The dress code was SEXY to scantily! And, some parties even provided toys! Although the music was ok, and some of the dialog was a bit dull, but the action, close ups, and overall “taboo” feeling was very sexy!!

It gets a 3 out of 4 Tyger Paws rating.

Your Invite

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As I said in my review, the only "fake" thing I saw were the acrylic nails. No implants. ;)

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