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No, I can't think of any reasons why it would be bad to cum during anal sex. As long as you are being careful and using enough lubrication, you shouldn't hurt her at all or cause any infections. Of course, always be sure to get yourself and your partner checked for STD's. The only thing I caution you against is going straight from anal to vaginal sex unless using fresh condoms, otherwise, you CAN unintentionally cause a vaginal infection (going from vaginal to anal though is OK). So, have fun!

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There is no health risk in cumming in your gf's ass...however, you want to make sure you are having safe anal sex to begin with - and as the previous poster commented - make sure you are BOTH tested for STD's because anal sex is one of the #1 ways to transmit not only HIV, but a pluthera of others!

I would also caution your gf to make sure that she cleans her anal area well after you have cum in her, I am not talking enemas here - just clean up as much as possible, sitting on the toilet letting your cum ooze out. The next bowel movement should take care of the rest.

As the previous poster also stated - you should NEVER cross contaminate with anal sex - you do not go from anal to vaginal or to mouth after your cock or toys or fingers have been in her ass! You may go the reverse as stated!

Have fun, and be safe!


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I have came deep in my exgirlfriends ass countless times, it is the most pleasurable sex act, to me. She was a real trooper to let me do that all the time, because every time we finished its just like a enema, she would go right to the bathroom and everything but the kitchen sink would come out of her. Lube, cum, etc. Neither of us ever got even remotely sick over the course of four years. To show my extreme appreciation I would clean her up thoroughly, then use a warm washcloth on her anus. The next day or so she would get major asslicking from me to soothe her anus.

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