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Back in a time called the Dark Ages, people were having sex. And, judging by this movie, which is 150 minutes long, there sure was a lot of it!

Spice Studios brings us to Sexdonium, in The Year of Our Lord, 1266 A.D.

Sexdonium is a town, still in turmoil. The King is looking for a queen, and thus far, has been unsuccessful. Searching thru many kingdoms for a bride and being distracted, his brother, Prince Knob-Head, wants the crown, and is plotting to get it. The villagers turn to the one person able to help them, Robyn Hooters!

Taking place in a castle somewhere in Europe, a servant girl a Lady get it on right in the hall, easily maneuvering the heavy skirts & petticoats out of their way. Neatly trimmed strips of hair and baldness grace their pussies, and unenhanced breasts all get licked, sucked, & fingered in the first scene, which is a lengthy girl-girl.

Then we come along and see a young couple come across each other, in more than one way. They have a lengthy trist in the catwalk area. Clear shots tell you exactly what they’re doing.

There are more scenes too, with 2 village girls, Lady & a servant, Lady & servant girl, there’s even a prisoner!

I believe the actors & actresses in this film sound to be British, maybe a French person here and there, but I really can’t be sure. They don’t really talk that much, honestly! LOL

The music does have a slight New Age/Medieval sound to it as well, not your normal “pornish” sounding music, which is nice. The music tends to drown out most of the sounds too, which can be good if you’re trying to be discreet with roommates or other people in the house that may hear you.

The shots aren’t all UP CLOSE & personal as much as a lot of porn I’ve watched, but, you can still see everything. You do get some close ups, but, it’s not the main focus (pardon the pun) as others I’ve seen. Even the blowjobs were less “showy”. The lovers in all the scenes take their time, making it seem more sensual & intimate, which would be great for those people wanting to try out watching porn.

I liked this film a lot, with all of the period costumes, bright colors, and gorgeous people. There is a little something for everyone in this film. Tasteful, slight plot, curvy women, more of a romantic feel to it, and lots of, um, ACTION!

I give this a rating of 4 out of 4 Tyger Paws!!

Want to see a few Knights?

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I'm glad that you liked this DVD too!

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Well you talked us into it. We ordered it this morning. I can't wait.

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