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Beginners, are you looking for a first vibe? Not only is the Jill Kelly Light Up Vibe sleek and simple, it is also easy to use, versitle and has a completely adjustable power dial to get you right where you want to go........the big O right? Oh, and did I mention it's WATERPROOF!?!?!


Taking it out of the box, I was instantly mesmerized by the swirling, jem-like color on this little beauty. A simple 2AA batteries got this baby ready for action, and both my wife and I were curious to see just what "Jill" could do. Now, it was dark and we were in bed ready to play. I gave the dial a turn and whoa! Wait, I didn't read the package too clearly, because here was a light in the vibe....ummm...well, I should have paid better attention. I like, no, I love light up vibes because they are great for solo or partner play. This light was sutble and got brighter as the dial was turned up, but not to a point that you would beging landing airplanes in your bed, even at full power, the light was still just enought for me to do some under the covers exploring and discovery of sensation on my wife's clitoris. We have a couple of other vibes, but as we played with this one, she oh'ed and ah'ed over the smootheness of it. It didn't take long and she was breathing heavy and riding her new friend to a couple of orgasms.

I ask her about it compared to our Hustler mini-vibe and she explained that the sensations were not as strong, but more subtle and slow building, but intensely satisfying. I said it sounded nice and she offered to show me. Now, I love having my perenium(the area between the anus and testes) stimulated during foreplay, and we cleaned up the vibe in no time flat(just some soft soap and warm water make it super easy. If the base is on tight and the O-ring in place, this puppy is 100% waterproof and submersable) and back to it we went. She began stimulating me orally and working the vibe in slow patterns over my scrotum. Soon she was rubbing it all over me and the sensations were simply divine. I am a HUGE fan of using vibes on this area during oral, there is nothing like it.

So, this little number has all it takes for me to get excited. Beatiful, sleek, easy to use, waterproof and lights, a great addition to every toy box. It doesn't matter if it's your first toy or your 50th, this toy earns it's place.

I just want to know what you all think of my first review? Too much, too little? Will you check out this item now?

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Good job Crazy! It is nice to have a man's point of view on sex toys. It is nice to hear a man say, "sex toys enhance our lovemaking...not intimidate me." Many men do feel that way and it is a shame. You clearly enjoy the toy for your own enjoyment, which is great! Keep on reviewing!


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I had something similar to that, except it was curved for the G-spot, and I loved it!! I was heart broken when it died!! :unsure:

I wish more men would put reviews up here too, it's nice to get a man's view on sex toys, whether they be for a woman, or man!! I want to get my man a few too, and would love to hear more male's opinions!! Who's game?

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