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Waterproof Diamond Massager


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Here is this gorgeous purple vibe (2 color options), with jewels on it. Yes, us women really LOVE da BLING!! And this 6”, waterproof vibe doesn’t disappoint! You have different colored diamondesque jewels on it, in a couple of different shapes, in almost floral patterns. It screams GIRLY! It has those jewels on it, and you may be thinking, “Wouldn’t they cut me or catch on my very very sensitive girlie parts?” Nope! The vibe is encased in a clear acrylic covering, so the vibe is very smooooooth & sleek.

And nothing makes THIS girlie scream more than a really strong vibe, which, thanks to 2 AA batteries (not incl.) it has. The base unscrews to put the batteries in, then the dial on the bottom of the base is the dial, and vibes go up from low to HIGH! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to enjoy those vibes, because, due to the strength & design of the vibe, this purple BLINGer was a purple REVERBERATOR! This thing was SUPER LOUD!!!! You can tell that the bullet that powers the vibes is at the tip of the toy, cuz it rattled at the tip like there was NO tomorrow. It was like a phallic jackhammer!

Closed doors, walls, & separate floors probably wouldn’t be enough to cover the sound of this vibe. Up ‘til now, I haven’t come across any vibrators that have been “too loud” for me, but this one most definitely is. I found it very distracting, personally.

I tried everything to see if I could get the rattling to stop, holding it tight, putting a slip of paper inside to try and pad the batteries, put it underwater. Underwater did mute it a bit, but I could still hear it pretty well.

Sorry this review was short and not-so-sweet, but I couldn’t risk knocking my fillings out! So, this vibe will adorn a "Ooooo purdy" status amoungst my collection, but sadly, that's it.

Try it here

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I love the "um... no" in the topic... so funny!

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