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How Do I Get My Man To Open Up To Me Sexually!?!?


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I am kind of new to this forum.. I've never posted but i've read a lot. I got a lot of ideas though(thanks all). So anyways I need some ideas on how to get my husband to open up to me a little. We've been married for 6 years and to tell you the truth our sex life has gotten a little boring.. You know the same old missionary or me on top nothing new. So we had this really long talk about it and both decided we need to try new things so lately I've been doing my research, looking into movies, and trying to suggest new ideas. He seems interested but when it comes down to it , he just seems so embarrassed. HELP!!!

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Read some of the product reviews in this forum, they are very helpful for ideas.

And let your man see some of the reviews as well as show him the product. There is usually a link to the product in the review, so you can see what Mikala (usually it's her posting the reviews ;) ). He will definitely like the reviews at least.

Also, maybe ask him what he's always wanted to do sexually. If your up for it, try it out!! Baby steps, or jump right in!!

Remember, sex is about the both of you getting pleasure out of it~adult fun!! So make sure that whatever you try, you are willing to do as well.

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Hi there....you have already heard about me from another poster...I am the review girl! :D

Listen, I understand firsthand about embarrassed hubbies! When my hubby and I first met, I was leagues ahead of him in sex. He came from a quiet, Southern town where the girls barely had sex, and when they did it was a quickie in the backseat of the car! He was in no way prepared for me! I had way more experience than him. He was very embarrassed talking about sex, looking at sites, discussing sex. For a while, I wondered how I was even dating this guy! I am persistent though, and sex is a fun thing to learn about and try new things in, so of course, it did not take him long to jump on the Mikayla train!

However, those first months were brutal. Up until the time he proposed I was thinking, "will he ever be up to my speed in the bedroom" and even after, we had to have some serious discussions about some things. Now that I have 100 plus sex toys - he is pretty much desensitized to everything!

The key is to just make it fun. To say, hey...it is just you and me here. I want to pleasure you, I want you to pleasure me. If he can't talk about it, he may be able to write it down. I sometimes suggest to couples that they try the fantasy box. You write down about 5 or so fantasies that you can do in your house with or without toys you want to buy, and then you read them outloud to each other. You read his, he reads yours. You get to know what the other really wants and desires, and it is great foreplay! Then, you get the things you need for your fantasies!

Eventually, he will get over the shyness. Many men are shy because they don't want you to see what turns them on - fetishes like feet, boobs, lotions, etc. - they get embarrassed. Or, they are afraid to look at porn cause what if they pop a boner - OH GOD, you would KNOW they got excited!

You have to let him know it is OK, and that you are ready, willing and able to take care of his "excitement" when it happens. This can be the beginning of a whole new sex life for the both of you!

Good luck!

Mikayla ;)

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I just want to say thank you all for your input. We are trying to talk about our sexual preferences and dislikes a lot lately.. As a matter of fact I think that we more often talk about it rather than do it... LOL... However it has gotten better the past couple of times.. I have been introducing him to movies and well the other day a sex store :P for his first time. It was great. I could tell he was uncomfortable but he did good. He even helped me pick out our newest toy and some massage oil (which I have never been able to get him to agree to).. I think we are getting somewhere and I have every intention to be persistent about it... I dont want our intimate sessions to die out forcing either of us to go somewhere else (not that I would ever do that) but it scares me that he might. YOu know I do have one more ? though... One reply said that there are ways to keep his erection after he goes can you direct me to the right article or cream (whatever works)????????

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