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I'm Curious!

Without male piercings. . . . . is male insertable jewlery (plugs) enjoyable for the receiver during sex? ie visual/feel?

just curious

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I guess I'm not up to the current fad in male body jewelry, cuz I've never heard of non-piercing body jewelry/plus for a male's genitalia, I am assuming that's where it is, genitals.

My ex husband wasn't that great in bed, and he got a penis piercing, and cuz I am trying to think of the "term" for his piercing, I can't, but it wasn't a Prince Albert, just the scar of the foreskin, and he had just 2 little balls on either side of his bar. It helped, but by the time we had that done, the feelings were pretty much shot to hell anyway, so it didn't help that much. Plus he was a lil guy, but at least with the piercing, I felt a little bit more of it. :rolleyes:

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souns like you hubby had an Apadravyas piecing.

As for myself,

I have never been with a man with any type of piercing, except for the ear.

The earplugs, well, to me, they are gross.

I have a thing against going out with someone that has an earlobe so big that I can see though it.

I have done about a dozen or so interviews with several people about body modifications for a reaearch paper I was writing.

The general concensus was that body piercings for both male and female enhanced the stimulation

during sex.

Almost all piercings other than facial are done now for the sexual aspect of them.

OH, BTW Mikayla,

out of a possible 60, I got a 90,

I got extra credit for "piercing" the cover with various types of jewlery.

I also earned extra credit for showing photos of people getting tattooed.

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Good for you Whiskey!

That was very clever, piercing the front cover...I don't think I would have thought of that! :)

My first bf, BDSM guy, had his penis pierced, he had the prince albert, and I for the LIFE of me - couldn't understand WHY, WHY, WHY he would DO THAT to his penis! He could barely pee for like a month, we couldn't have sex for like 2 -3, the thing oozed pus for it seemed like forever - but then when it was healed, OHHHH Momma, it really felt fantastic inside! It was subtle, but nice. The best was when he would rub himself on my clit...oh man!

Anyway, as for the butt plug jewelry being something a woman can feel, I am not so sure about that. The plug goes in the rectum.

I have, however, seen a new kind of jewelry (if anyone is interested PM me and I will send the link) where there is this little ball-bearing that goes in the whole on the head of the penis, and then a coil wraps around the shaft. I would think that would feel pretty cool while being fucked! I am not sure how that would feel to the man!

Mikayla ;)

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