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Hood Piercing?


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Ok, I don't know if this is the right spot for this, but I really, really would like to get my clitoral hood pierced and I was wondering if anyone on here has it done? If so, what can you tell me about it?



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Hi Brandi:

Yes, I have a clitoral hood piercing. What would you like to know?

Does it hurt? A little, but not too much. The skin there is relatively thin, so it isn't too bad. My naval piercing hurt more.

Recovery time (i.e. no sex) is 2-4 weeks, mine was 3.

Risks: infection is the biggie, or rejection of the piercing. There are no nerves in the CLITORAL HOOD, so you have no danger there. I URGE YOU to go to a QUALIFIED piercier to make sure you piercing is done correctly. Contrary to what people may have heard, not all vaginas are alike, and not all piercings will work on all women. Most can get a clitoral hood, some can't. Find out from a qualified and certified piercier if you can.

Regrets: NONE, I love my piercing.

Sexual Enhancement: ABSOLUTELY! It does increase sexual feelings, and just knowing it is there is a BIG turn on.

Any more questions, please post back!


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Hi Mikayla! Thanks for answering! I do have a few more questions. How did you clean the piercing? Does it get in the way during sex? Is there any chance of ripping it out? What about walking afterward? LOL....sorry, didn't mean to fire all those off at once!! :D

So, you have no regrets at all? I am kinda concerned that I would be "too old" I am 32.

Also, how did your husband feel about it? I have mentioned it to my fiance, and he was totally indifferent. He did mention that he thought it might get in the way, especially during oral.

Again, thanks for answering....

Good night,


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No problems!

You clean it with water and anti-bacterial soap - NEVER Perioxide - if it gets infected, you can use some alcohol.

Sure, you can rip it out - if you pulled on it really, really, really, really hard! I would take a lot to rip it out!

Does it get in the "way" during sex? Ugh, no! It enhances sex. My hubby loves to lick and pull on it during oral, I pull on it during sex, and it rubs just right the rest of the time. It enhances sex!

Walking after the piercing can be a bit tender for a few days - wear loose clothing! ;)

I was in my 30's - you are SOOOO NOT Too OLD!

No regrets - I LOVE it!

Your fiancee is worried that you will loose feeling - and that another man will be looking at your pussy to do it! It doesn't get in the way, and I guarantee, as soon as he sees it, he will go wild!

Just go for it girl!


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Hi Warmb! Well I just recently had my hood pierced about a week ago now. I have had other piercings in the past for exsample my belly button, and that was a little pain full and was pulled out while in the swimming pool by my daughter, her toe got caught in the ring and I didnt know it and OUCH when I threw her in the air it ribbed out.

Now as far as my hood, it to me didnt hurt at all, by the time I thought it might hurt it was done, as far as walking Mikayla is correct it is a little tender but really it will not bother you at all.........but then again everyone is different.Do not wear tight clothes I learned that the hard way, my jeans were a little to tight and it put alot of pressure on the piercing. I wash it with soap and water and sense my was pierced with a hoop ring, while I am washing it I do have to turn it. So far I have had no problems what so ever and I am loving it, although it is still new, I havent had the pleasure of it yet sexually. My SO loves it!!The look of it turns him on and he cant wait to play with it! :)

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Can a hood be too small to be pierced? I would love to pierce mine, but compared to all the clits I have seen over the years, I think mine could be too small. Now, if it is just the hood we are talking about piercing, that might be impossible for me. But if they can pierce around my clit, through the hood and all, that might be possible.

Now my major concerns: is there any nerve damage; can it be taken out and put back in whenever I like, like an earring, and if not, how long can I have it out before the hole starts to heal?

Or better yet, can any of you ladies who has your hood or clit pierced give me the number of the professional who did it for you, so I can get some pro advice?

Any info will help.


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As a matter of fact, a hood CAN be too small to pierce, that is why it is instrumentally important to go to a CERTIFIED piercer and have them look at you (sorry, only way to do it) and they will reccomend the right kind of piercing. A clitoral hood piercing just goes through the skin of the hood - doesn't go under or through the clit itself.

There are other piercings - clitoral piercings - which go behind the clit - but those carry much, much more risk. The triangle is one of those piercings.

If your piercing is done correctly there should not be nerve damage, and with a hood piercing there is minimal risk - the clitoral piercings carry more risk. You can take out the piercing and put it back after a long, long time of wearing and carrying for your piercing. How long it takes to heal really depends on the kind of piercing you end up with. A clitoral hood is 3-5 weeks. "Healing" is basically no sex.

Your best bet, find a local piercing studio, go in, ask questions. Make sure they are licenced and CERTIFIED - and have them answer the rest of your questions.

Good lUck, and have fun!


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I just have to add in here, if you decide to get ANY kind of a modification,

check out the artist's studio, is it clean? do they use new needles/equipment for each modification?

and by all means ASK QUESTIONS!

It doesn't matter how silly or minuscule it may seem, ASK!

When speaking to your prospective mod artist,

is he really nice? extremly helpful? If yes, then run in the opposite direction quickly.

Or is your perspective mod artist, slightly gruff, answers point blank blunt? seems almost rude?

If yes, then make an appointment with this shop.

I have found as a general rule of thumb, if they are overly nice and helpful, they are either brand new in the buisness or they are no good, and others have warned folks off.

If the artist/manager is slightly rude, they are doing a very good buisness and are not hurting for clients.

The last thing you want is a brand spanking new artist doing his very first hood piercing on you!


I can not tell you how many horror stories I have heard about very simple mods gone horribly wrong because the person ignored the aftercare instructions.

Enjoy your mods!


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