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toa8723-6_product_1.jpgThe Tri-fecta of Vibes!

I have to admt, when I saw this vibe come in my latest TT box o'fun I thought, "whoa mama, that is a whole lot of pink toy!" This toy is not as intimidating up close and personal as it looks in the picture. It is a delightful light pink color and is made of soft and supple syber silicone (so no silicone lubes please.) It has multi-functions - a vibrating, curved G-spot head, a short 3" of insertable shaft, and not 1 but 2 stimulators - one for the clit and one for the rectal area! The base takes a 9-volt battery, and has the sliding controls that alternate the 5 speeds of vibrations.

After cleaning and batterizing my toy, I decided to investigate the vibrations.

(1) Foreplay: a light on/off pulsation through the shaft and both ticklers. A great way to warm up.

(2) Tease: A faster pulsation - on/off - higher vibes. Gets the juices flowing.

(3) Pulsation: Even FASTER pulsation and slightly higher vibes. Starts the tingling.

(4) Vibration: A low, but constant, vibration.

(5) Climax: A high, constant vibration.

For me, the #3 pulsation was the best. It seemed more powerful than the highest level. I found that the G-spot stimulator was a bit too weak, and a bit too bendy. I need FIRM touch with G-spot. The rectal stimulator was very pleasant. It was a delightful tickle. The clitoral stimulator was OK, but not direct enough for me. It was sort of teasing the entire clitoral area, and not so much the clit itself! I much prefer direct stimulation, but if you like a little light tickle, this would get you going quite easily.

As for vibrations - I think overall it could have been higher. I did have a nice orgasm using this toy, but it took a while. I had to really open myself up to get the clitoral sensations I wanted. The internal vibrations were very nice though. I think this item would be best for an intermediate player - as it is a toy with a lot of stimulation, but not really INTENSE stimulation. All in all this was a fun toy with a lot of options. If you can't find a vibration that you like then I would be suprised.

Triple Your Chances of Orgasming!

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It is very interesting looking. Thanks for the review!

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When I first got this toy, I thought “Which coast did Rob fish this out of?” because, to me, it looks like some new oceanic discovery. Adam & Eve have some of the most unique looking toys I’ve ever seen, and, well, this one follows suit.

Made from Cybersilicone, this powerful vibe promises triple stimulating points, at 5 various speeds powered by 2 separate motors. Also, because of the material it's made of, it's porosity-free, making it free of bacteria, always a good thing & very interesting so far. I'm always loving explorations of a sexual kind! So, I decided to dive right in!

The basics? The total length is 8.25”, with an insertable length of almost 3”, diameter of about 1.5”. Curved strongly up at the pink tip, it gives you the impression that it’s good for a g-spot good time.

The lilac colored handle/base is very long, for ribbed for easy gripping. The design of it reminded me of the movie theaters of days gone by, with their round, curved layered signs (though this one doesn’t glow all over). It does have an indicator light above the easy to use heart-shaped slide-button which changes the speeds of the vibes from: a slow strong pulsating to a faster pulsating to an even faster one, then on to a low, steady vibe, to the all-powerful strongest vibe settings.

What really catches the eye however, are the 2 little legs that stick out on the top and bottom of the shaft….they’re covered in rows of stand up nubbies, that, to me look like teeny-tiny toy baby bottles, or small birthday candles. They are very soft, yet when they’re being vibrated by the strong vibes, they are rather tingly. One arm is for your clit’s pleasure, the other to tickle your anus. One of the motors providing the strong vibes is in the clit arm part, and the other is in the shaft of the insertable part.

All in all, it reminds me of stuff I’ve seen on TV in the ocean’s reefs or something. But, always ready to “give one for the team”, I took it out of the box, I washed it gently, which was kind of difficult since the nubbies are rather tall, making it a bit difficult to wash every one (be careful, though I’m teasing about the ocean-ness of this item, it is NOT waterproof). Patted it dry, & still noticed a very strong “new toy” smell to it.

Another odd fact is that this toy take a 9V battery (not incl.), which I rarely have come across. There’s a button you push on the back of the handle to release the “trap-door” like lid, & inside, they provided a key of which way the battery needs to go.

Remember, this is a silicone toy, so always use water-based lubes with it. Grabbing mine, I set out to try the Triple Teaser. The vibes felt very good. I was impressed with their strength. The curved tip felt great, but it was too soft to really provide the pressure that I need for a g-spot orgasm. I’m one that needs a more firm toy to stimulate my g-spot. However, if you’re really sensitive, or desire a more soft touch, this may be the one for you.

Though this toy wasn’t mind-blowing, it did give me a nice orgasm after a while. The nubbies did their jobs well, stimulating all the sensitive nerves around my anus & clit/lips. I loved the full feeling I got with this toy as well.

Over all, I give this a rating of 2 out of 4 Tyger Paws.

Ready for your own adventure?

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