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I have truly found the next “wave” in vibratatory pleasure! This uniquely textured vibrator will have you squirming all over and moaning in ecstasy! This pretty, blue pleasure pal has the most stimulating feature that I have yet to find on a vibrator – hundreds of cascading pleasure ripples!

Get Tempted

When I saw this vibe, my mind raced with the possibilities! Although it is just a standard shaped vibe – with no clitoral stimulation – I just knew that the sensuous and supple pleasure ripples which are aligned up and down each side of the vibrator would provide me with a delectable sensation unlike any that I have previously experienced! I took the vibe in my hand and ran my fingers up and down the vibe – noticing that the ripples are flexible enough to “flap” when I rubbed by hand up and down the sides! I could only imagine the sensation that this would provide as they rub and flutter up against the sensitive insides of my pussy. Then, add the sensation of the actual vibrator and I was sure to be in heaven in seconds!

I wanted to share my new toy with my hubby – as I was sure he would be as intrigued with it as I was, so I waited until the weekend to play. I wanted to combine the experience with another new item that I had received – my new Bedspread restraints – but that is another review altogether! My hubby eager to try out the new vibe, he quickly fastened me securely to the bed restraints – both wrists and ankles. The nice thing about these restraints (which will get more homage in its review) is that you can spread the legs apart as far as you want! OR, you can take the ankles and hoist them UP and APART in an upraised spread eagle. Perfect for this type of play. My hubby turned on the vibe and wasted no time going for the gold – my clit!

As he buzzed along and I writhed in pure delight unable to move much – my hubby realized he had a great advantage. He decided to start penetrating me with the Erotic Wave and as he did, I quickly realized that my initial thoughts about this toy were right on! As the toy goes in you get one sensation – smooth, sexy, sensuous vibrations – then as the toy comes OUT you get another sensation – wild, pulsating, tickling in pleasure! In and out, my hubby played and the sensations were out of this world fantastic! Stopping every few seconds to pay attention to my clit with the head of the vibe, I was surprised and pleased with the power of the vibrator as well.

I was nearing my orgasm in less than a minute – and begged my hubby to slow down. No way – he was in control and taking full advantage of 2 important facts: one, I was tied to the bed; and two, I am multi-orgasmic. He started penetrating again in and out and used his thumb to tease my clit and in a few seconds more, I was writhing in the rush of my orgasms! Normally, when I orgasm, I clamp down so much that I move the toy or him out of reach so the orgasms subside – but not with the restraints! He continued to penetrate me, and I continued to orgasm! One after another in a series of blissful and intense orgasms until I begged him to stop. I can’t even give an accurate accounting of how many I had, but I had A LOT!

This toy is outstanding! The simple, supple, sensuous, sensations that you will experience while using this toy will surprise you, I guarantee it! I would suggest this toy to anyone – beginners or advanced players. It is 6.5" long and 1.5 inches in girth – so appropriately sized for anyone. It is not waterproof, so when cleaning it, be careful not to submerge it! The only caution I have with this item is to be mindful of the ripples when it comes time to clean it and to be extremely thorough in your cleaning. This is a Mikayla’s must-have for sensation and variety! Therefore, ladies, I highly advise you to be tempted by the Temptress Erotic Wave, and let the erotic pleasure cascade all over you!

Happy Shopping!!!


Mikayla :wub:

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Since you can't submerge it to clean it because it's not waterproof, and you obviously have to clean it throughly because of all the ripples,

how did you clean yours?

Inquiring minds want to know. LOL

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Technically, the part of the toy you have to worry about submerging is the end where the controller is. So I just submerged the entire toy - save for the end - after applying a liberal amount of anti-bacterial soap to it. Then I rinsed it well. I think that made it clean as a sparking blue whistle!

Mikayla B)

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