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Given People New Hobbies Or Habits Without Realizing It?


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So- I've come to realize something. Two of my friends I have given new hobbies to. For one, I just suggested a few adult books since we're both adults and well...she's taken that a step further by reading a lot and sometimes not at the best of times.

The other she's been that "I don't want to know, listen, read or hear about sex." type. I'm a very open minded person but sometimes things just spill out. Now it barely even fazes her and she'll join in on the convo now sometimes too.

Maybe it's just me but I feel like it's partially my being around them.

Now the question is has anyone else hung around a friend or someone enough that something you do kinda starts a new habit or even a hobby for them?

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Good for you. It is most likely that your relationship with them as more of an impact than anything. Also you are most likely educating them and expanding their world view.

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I think that you can absolutely influence someone to try a new hobby. After all, how did YOU start a hobby? Think about it: it's usually introduced to you by someone you know!

Yes, I actually have a couple of friends on her that became reviewers due to my talking with them about it.

Having someone, like a good, trusted friend, discuss things that you may be a bit uncomfortable with, or unsure about, can help you get over the hump of getting the courage to try it out!!!

So, good for you!!!

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Yes. My current best friend. I am a bit of a squirrel in that my lineage there were a few string savers. It took me probably about 10 years but he is finally on board.He now buys more grub than he can eat the following week which can come in right handy when one loses their job for about 3 months and there ain't no moolah rolling in.

The udder thang is he got into cap and ball pistols which are blackpowder guns.

I got a solid hankerin' to go to town so I'm gonna do just that. Today is the last day of the Fall Sale at O&H and I need me a new Hickory shirt so by golly by gum I'm headin' fer Sedro.

Woo Hoo!! :lol:

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