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Boyfriend Didnt Know Vibrators Can Be Used On Men To!


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I had recently introduced to him my new vibrator the other day and we were laughing and fooling around and I go,

"Ooooo better watch out or I'll use one of my vibrators on you!"

"Huh, I thought only girls could use vibrators..."

"What? Hell no, guys can definatly use them to! I've herd so many good stories on my adult site (too timid of course!) about guys who loveeeee vibrators like on their balls for example when they are geting a blowjob!"

"I mean I knew some guys liked getting it up their ass, but I'm not doing that! But I guess the balls thing would work."

So I really want to try a vibrator on him! :P Any tips??

I have the basic silver vibrator from here so I was thinking of using that. Do guys prefer faster or slower vibrations on their balls? And I'm sure a guy can get off using a vibrator on his penis right?...but maybe they just prefer a bj with the vibe on their balls? What about the rhythum...rubbing it or going in circles...? :huh:

Let me know what works the BEST! I want to do something naughty and new for my S.O.! :lol:


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Have him hold it against your cheek while you give him a blowjob. If you & your lover are into rope play there are variations where the rope runs along his ass crack and by the balls or for females between the lips then you just touch the vibe to the rope to stimulate the areas where the rope makes contact!!!

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My SO likes the vibe to be medium strong the base of his penis and balls, when I give him head.

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Try using a bullet during a BJ - alternate fast and slow just like you would your mouth to make him get almost to climax then come back down. Use it on his haft, balls, or even under his balls. Alternate between all three and he wont be able to control himself.

Also, a small bullet is perfect to place on your clit when you are on top. You'll get the stimulation directly on your clit and he'll feel the vibrations too! A lot of cock rings I've seen on this site have the bullet built in to double both his and your pleasure. This has to be about the easiest way to get him comfortable with playing with your toys (when I say your, I mean plural - it's always better to use them together!!).

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