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The Cunning Rabbit Bullet


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I just LOVE bullets! They have so many possibilities, that they are, in my opinion, one of the most “must-haves” for everyone’s adult toy box! Add this cunning cutie to the list!

Tell me what could be more appropriate and cute a rabbit is for a sex toy? I mean, c’mon! We’ve all heard the term “fuck like rabbits.”And this rabbit is no exception to the cuteness factor! The waterproof pink bullet is kind of large, covered in a soft & flexible TPR jelly material, with the tip of it adorning half a rabbit sitting up. Another added bonus~NUBBIES! The nubbies are all along the rest of the bullet, for added stimulation. Gotta love da nubbies!

The 3AAA (not AA and not incl.) batteries that go into the simple to use slim controller really pack this rabbit with some goin’-at-it vibes! I just love strong vibes, and this rabbit doesn’t disappoint! 7 modes of sheer vibration pleasure await you on the easy to use, one button controller. Using the bottom button to turn it on, it’s just a simple push to change up the vibes on your Rabbit. The ears dance, and the nubbies shake, which makes for lots of strong pleasure! This toy is rather quiet too.

Even the lowest setting was pretty strong. I love my strong vibes! Plus, I loved the entire feeling of the bullet, as I laid it on my vaginal lips, with the rabbit’s ears tickling and dancing on my clit. I loved how the ears are pointy, making it so you can target the area you want to tease with ease. My hubby had a lot of fun rubbing this toy all over, teasing my nipples, clit and lips, before allowing it to “rest” on my labia, so I could get a good area covered in nubbie/rabbit vibes! Talk about making me react like Thumper! Leg and pussy all a’twitchin’! It was awesome!

This bullet would be a great starter bullet, even though it’s a bit more than a regular bullet, just because of the power, ease of use & care, and, of course, the over all OMG factor!!! This toy gets 5 stars...or would that be rabbit paws? Fun, cute, and oh, so satisfying!! Gotta love da bunny!

Get Cunnin'

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I think you gave a wonderful review keep up the good work :) my shopping list is getting longer and longer

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Tyger are you tryin to get my wish list to over $2000

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