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Have you noticed that many businesses may promote good customer service, but yet, their associates don't really give a rat's ass if they give good customer service or not?

I've stood at a counter, with the associate hired to help me, staring off into space, or taking an obviously personal phone call, I don't know how many times. Do I keep quite? Absolutely.........NOT!!! How does one handle this? Well, it depends on my experience with this company, and possibly that same sales associate, with how I will approach this. Everyone has bad days, and I understand that. I've been politically nice, and then, other times, overly assertive, which I'm sure I was called a "bitch" for, by the offending associate.

Never have I become insulting, and I also know that they ARE there to help me, but not take my shit either. I don't demean someone, or insult them, however, when lodging a complaint, I DO let them know that I've done what they're doing, and I KNOW how I'm suppose to be treated as a valuable customer. Then I ask for management, and I let THEM know who, what, and when all this happened.

Some people just complain to the associate, and that's it. No, don't do just that. Cuz, do you think for one minute, that the associate that you're complaining to is going to admit they did wrong, and possibly loose their job by opening their mouth to thier supervisor? Not hardly. Plus, when you talk to the manager, or immediate supervisor, the problem is usually addressed and resolved, cuz they know that customer relations are extremely important to their jobs and bottom lines of the business.

I am one of the few people I know of, however, that also takes the time to compliment GREAT customer service too! Too many times, people rarely take the time to actually compliment great service. Do you know how GREAT it feels to be told you're doing a great job? You try and strive to do better, right? If people only hear the negatives in their jobs, they tend to start to not care about trying harder. So, I make sure to compliment too. And, I compliment the associate, and then make sure to tell their supervisor too!


I've been mostly IN the retail business since 1991. I've also had the pleasure of being a waitress for over 3 yrs too. BIG customer service jobs, that are positions that are usually underpaid jobs!!

I took my retail training (and yes, they really DO provide training) to heart. Being polite is a MUST. However, I also learned to stand up for myself and the company I am representing in a mature, professional manner. I've been promoted in all my retail jobs to upper middle management, and still, have had to tell a customer NO, but as nicely as possible.

I even had a lady run over my foot diliberately, with her shopping cart, because we were doing inventory, and I was told that we couldn't sell stuff in an area we had counted. The store was closing, I was the manager of that area, and the lady got severely pissed off at me cuz I wouldn't sell her a baby toy (yes, really), and she ran over the side of my foot, and ankle WITH the cart. I kept my mouth shut, for the most part, but I did tell her not to come into my department again until she could act civilized. Fortunately, security saw her do that, and they banned her from the store, and told her that she was lucky I didn't press charges.

I've had a ton of rude customers, people trying to take advantage of policies, liars, theives, and users of all shapes and sizes. Some of the stuff that customers get away with, and try to get away with is just shocking to me. However, over the years, learning, and studying of company policies (which, they're basically all the same for the most part), has shown me a tactful way to stand up for my department, as well as myself.

I have had a few complaints lodged against me, usually when I said NO to someone, but with the exception of one time, I've always been backed in my decisions.

I've also had many compliments from customers.

My whole point is, well, you usually have to deal with retail in one form or another. It's great to have a company that backs you, but always remember, that the customer may not always be right, but, enevitably, they DO pay your paycheck, so it's best to be nice. Treat a salesperson/customer how YOU would like to be treated, and shopping can be a thing to look forward too, even during the Christmas rush! Trust me!

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Great rant! I have to say Tyger, right up there with ya. I get very frustrated with CS quality. I too compliment when appropriate and hollar when necessary!

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Unfortunately the easiest(the easiest, not the best) way to increase profit margin and make up for lost sales or softer than projected sales is to cut the amount of hours a store can use. Of course this doesn't also cut down the amount of work and so all of the employees actually there are set up on tasks that aren't customer service oriented but are rather meant to keep the store open and looking passably clean(some of course aren't). This is seen as an increase in productivity and if the sales don't tank the corporation says 'Hm, guess we don't need to give them those hours back afterall!' and then base their next sales goal on the shorter hours which in turn creates softer sales, which in turn makes it so that the next year they have to cut payroll hours again to make up for it.

I would love to not shop a place where all of the checkouts aren't full, there's no one on the sales floor, and where the service sucks...but all of the big box stores have really cut into the local ones that knew the meaning of customer service, and that is a sad state of affairs.


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It's a shame that some people have never had the pleasure of working in this environment. Any time our rig stacks out to await dirt or paper work or just the next bidder is usually a trip to the unenjoyment office for us. I stoppe by the truck stop where my gf works before I left to see if she needed anything. I had not even gotten out of my car yet when the boss asked me if I wanted a job. I accepted it without even asking which one or how much it paid. Anything is better than the freebie check paid by the masses. I already knew I was eligible for max payout. I started as weekend maintenance and by Monday had another spot in the restaurant area. Well by payday I learned I was getting $5hr. Instead of 300wk. doing little , I was making almost 200wk. and getting an overdose of Mr. I.R. Trucker. Went back to my old job for a shallow hole while still working maintenance on weekends and a few other areas. And I returned to the restaurant after that rig stacked. Within a few months I moved around to the gas side of it then to the diesel side. I was fired on my exact 2yr. Anniversary for refusing to cut my hair that I had when they hired me. In the 2 years that I spent there I have seen and heard some of the most screwed up and disgusting things than I wanted to. I've heard every BS story you could think of as to why I should not throw old food out.(They always want something for free). I met a lot of good people there and I've dealt with some of the most ignorant that our country has to offer. Although a job like this will show you just how foolish and disgusting people can be it is a very good lesson in how we should never treat people when we have been in their shoes. Although I think of it is a shitty job, it would do everyone good to experience that side of mankind. You would never believe some of the things that happen on weekends and full moons. But there's also the things that you wish you had never seen.

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