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Hey y'all!

I know I haven't posted for a while. I've been trying to get caught up on all of the articles and some of the back post, not to mention getting things geared up for the holidays. After that my "busy" season will start. You gotta love the start of the New Year and everyone's New Year Resolutions to get fit.

Now here's my predicament. I've been dating a really nice man here in town. I live in a pretty small town in the middle of nowhere so everybody knows everybody. He's a great guy and we've been having a lot of fun together. This past Saturday night we decided it was time to take our relationship to the next level.

Now y'all I took the advice I read here and started a discussion with him over dinner about my expectations, likes, dislikes and such. Again we had so much in common it was almost scary. After dinner we went back to his house and started to move things along. Things seemed to be going well, although I noticed that everytime I tried to go, south of the border, so to speak he would move my hands away. Finally I gave up and just went with the flow. After he gave me a great orgasm with both his fingers and tongue we moved to the bedroom.

Now I gotta say I got the shock of my life when he undressed. I guess there's really no way I can say it nicely but he had the smallest penis I have ever seen. Now I know that size does not matter and it's all in how it's used but it was bad. I keep myself in good shape physically and I do my kegels everyday but I swear I couldn't feel him inside me at all he was so small. I thought it could have been positioning or something of the sort so I gave it the old college try. After four attempts all I got was a comment about being sex starved and how much I must like his penis.

He has been calling me everyday and wanting to see me again. I really do like this man but I don't want to go thru the frustration of sex with him again. The orgasms he gave me with his hands and mouth were great but the truth of the matter is the actual act left me less than satisfied. I really don't want to hurt his feelings and I am not sure how or if we can fix this situation. I've been scouring the articles here trying to figure something out but I will be seeing him tomorrow night. I do NOT want to hurt his feelings but I don't know how to tell him what is wrong. I know he's starting to wonder because we usually see each other everday and I have been avoiding him since Saturday night.

Is there a way around this. I mean does anyone have any advice on positions or anything that might make it better for me. Anything advice on how to salvage this relationship would be great! Like I said he's a great guy in everyway but I know that if we don't overcome this issue it will only get worse.

Thanks for listening!


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Have you tried being on top where you have more of the control and can direct where his penis is applying pressure? Have you tried doing it sideways with your leg up his chest, him stradling the leg on the bed and going for a slightly deeper penetration? What cues did you give him during the act that would indicate you didn't enjoy what he was doing? What cues did you give him during the act that let him know when he may have gotten it right? Did you direct him at all verbally? Did you try to stimulate yourself while he was inside of you? I think you're really just going to have to expiriment. Good lovers are not born, they're taught. Do you have to say "Gee, hon, your cock is tiny and you just don't do it for me."... of course not, but you can say things along the lines of "I loved it when you did ____ with you tongue/fingers/whatever, can you do ____ with your cock in me too?" or "I love it when my lover does ____, please do ____."

Expirimentation is key and I don't think you'll find he complains about it. One thing you do have to do is watch out for that ego of his because if it happens that he can't get you off other than with his tongue and fingers, eventually that will translate through. Another problem with the ego is that if he thinks you're that into his cock he might start thinking he doesn't have to pay attention to you with oral or fingers.


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Assuming that he's probably close to your physical fitness level, although Howard has some great points, if this man was fully erect, then, chances are, he got the short end of the penile sized stick. Hence why he may have not wanted you to go South of the Border when you tried a few times. He's aware of his, um, shortcomings, and tries to make up for it with oral and hand skills, which can almost be as fulfilling. He may be use to it, but, chances are, he probably feels a little "less than" a full man due to his small penis. I don't know him, so I'm just guessing here. Just like breasts and butts, there are a variety of penis sizes, ranging from really small to OMG!! Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that the man you're interested in will be over 6".

I guess what you need to figure out is if this will hurt the relationship or not. I'm sure he's had women leave him for his lack of length. I'm not saying that that's OK, but, just think of it this way, there are several thousands of couples out there that either can't have sex due to physical issues, or whatever, and they're very committed to making their relationships are very fulfilling.

So, basically, if it were me, I'd see how things go as far as relationship wise. Yes, you want to be honest with him, however, telling him right off the bat that his penis size isn't really enough for you will probably make him feel like "why should I even bother with her anymore?" Start bringing toys into the relationship, and there are penis extenders that he can place on his cock for you, if he's willing.

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Penile size has never been an issue for me. For me it's the whole package.

This man is very aware and probably embarrassed about his penis. Society sets in in the male psyche as we're measured against perfection.

For years I didn't like my nipples. I have really large areola's and always wanted small ones. So that was my "embarrassing" issue. Now that I'm more comfortable with me, I just embrace the way I was made.

If he's great at oral and other things I'd work on finding a position that helps make you feel fuller when he's in you.

Also his penis size will be an advantage for anal. You may be more comfortable with him in you there since he's a bit smaller. And it may be easier for you to deep throat him.

I would see how the relationship goes. Don't deny yourself a great time with him over some thing he can't change. He sounds like a nice guy.

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