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Tying Lee


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I had a great time writing this story. Very exciting. You can find it on Pretty Dirty as well.


We're having dinner at your place. It's pleasant, but we're both rushing - in as restrained a way as possible - because we know what's happening after dinner. We're going to have sex and neither of us can wait. Oh the things I have in mind for you Lee; but that will have to wait until we're done.

Mercifully dinner comes to an end. We go into the living room carrying the wine and our glasses. We sit on the couch in front of the fire and kiss and play a little. You rub me through my pants - I'm already hard and am imagining fucking you; but things aren't going to be that simple.

As we kiss I can taste the wine on your lips and tongue. I suck at the flavor - wanting more of you. I love hearing your breath as you get turned on. I slide a hand under your shirt and squeeze and play with your breasts. You take my other wrist and guide my hand into your lap. "Rub me a little," you say, and I do.

I feel you pushing yourself against me. Your thighs hold my hand tight between them. We push our mouths together - our tongues. You reach for my belt and begin to loosen it. "I've got plans for my belt, baby," I tell you. You sit back and arch an eyebrow. "Oh," you say, "am I going to like the plans?" I tell you I think you will.

"Here's what I want you to do for me Lee," I say, "I want you to get up and strip for me in front of the fire." You hesitate for just a second but then stand, smile and me coyly and walk to the fireplace. I've opened my pants and have my dick in my hand, rubbing it slowly.

You finish unbuttoning your shirt and reach behind yourself to unfasten your bra. Your breast settle down - full and round. Your nipples are pink and your breast sway as you kick off shoes and begin sliding down your pants and panties. I slide my hand up and down my dick watching you. Seeing you do this is making me really hard for you.

"Now what?," you ask me. "Let me see you sit in that chair," I say pointing, "and play with your pussy." "Do you mind if I get my vibrator?," you ask. I say no and wait for you to return. The vibrator you bring is huge. "I can't put it all in," you say, "at least not yet." I watch as you spread your legs and begin to rub yourself with a finger. You lean back in the chair and smile at me. "This feels good," you say.

You squirt a little lube along your pussy and begin rubbing the tip of the vibrator along your lips, slowly pushing the tip up into you as you continue twisting your fingers on your clit. I stand up and undress - watching you all the while. My hard dick bobs between my legs as I move toward you.

I stand beside you. "Suck me a little Lee," I say. You turn your head and begin kissing my head, barely letting is slip in between your lips. I groan a little as I put my hands on your head and push my dick all the way in to your mouth. I stand holding your head and stroking in and out of you. It feels good.

I step back. "Your mouth feels great," I tell you, "I had to stop or you were going to make me cum; and it's not time for that yet." You pout a little. "Don't worry," I say, "there's going to be plenty of fun for both of us; but now it's time for something a little different."

Taking my belt from the pile of clothes on the floor I ask you to let me tie you. You begin pushing the vibrator in and out of you faster and say "yes." "Come with me then," I tell you. We go to your back door. "Sit here on the floor." You do. I pick up my tie and use it to tie your wrists together. I loop my belt tightly around the tie and then around your doorknob. You hands are ties securely over your head.

"Is that too tight?," I ask. You wiggle your fingers. "We'll I can't move my arms but it seems OK," you say. I grab my pants and use them to tie your ankle to the couch - one pant leg here, the other there. I do the same with your pants and the chair you had been sitting in. "You look so sexy like this," I tell you as I stroke my dick against your cheek.

I kneel beside you and lick from your shoulder up your neck and to your ear. "I'm going to drive you crazy and make you cum tonight," I whisper as I kiss your hair. "I want to make you more excited then you've ever been; I want to make you cum with my mouth and your vibe. I want to be between your legs kissing and teasing you until you beg me to let you cum."

I can feel your chest rising and falling faster as I speak. "And when your cumming with that big dildo of your way up inside, I'm going to cum all over you." You gasp a little and shift yourself on your ass. I begin kissing your face - across your cheeks and nose and eyelids and chin and forehead. I stay away from your mouth.

I kiss around your neck and throat. Small kisses, tiny touches with my tongue, You moan as I kiss down your chest between your breasts. I kiss around them - around their curved bottoms and toward your nipples; but like your mouth I don't kiss them yet. I run my tongues along your side down toward your hip. I kiss across your stomach and up your other side.

You're beginning to pull at your restraints a little. I stand up to check them. I dick sways near your face. You crane your neck and stretch your tongue to touch it as I make sure you're held tight. I move my hips toward your face a fraction of an inch - close enough for you to reach me with your mouth. I lightly brush your lips with my dick but then pull it away.

I kiss your wrists and now twisting hands. My own excitement is almost too much for me as I kneel beside you and begin kissing your feet and legs. Looking up between your legs I can see your pussy seeping wet as you get more and more excited. I want to make you cum. I lie on my stomach between you legs. I put my arms under your legs and around your ass - lifting and pulling your toward my mouth.

Even now though I don't rush. I kiss everywhere between your legs except your pussy. You're breathing hard and are trying to find some leverage to get my mouth against you. You moan as I kiss the inside of your thigh, right at the edge of your pussy. Your skin is so hot against my lips. I kiss closer and closer to you - I can feel your legs tremble when I finally plant a kiss against your pussy, pushing my tongue inside you.

You moan louder now as I run my tongue around inside you. Rather than licking up toward your clit, I lick down and kiss and lick the bottom of your pussy. Your so wet and I want to taste the wet that's coming out of you. You hop your ass forward closer to my face. I can feel pre-cum seeping out of me as I kiss you now - that's how badly I want you.

Your making insistent sounds now, rocking from side to side as I continue lick and kiss you - but still not your clit. I can't stand it any more, I want to make you cum and so I move my mouth up to your hard wet clit. When I finally press my tongue against it you gasp. I can feel your body tighten as I kiss it faster and harder - licking along its left side.

I stop and stand. "Here," I say, bringing my dick to your face, "taste me a little." Your body is almost thrashing as I rub my head along your lips and tongue. "Oh my god, please fuck me," you say; but I tell you I can't do that yet and reach for your big vibrator. "I think there's probably something we can work out," I tell you as I return between your legs.

I rub the tip along your swollen pussy and begin pushing it in to you. Your pull your hips back as I push it deeper. "Don't worry," I tell you - kissing your clit between my words - "I'll to it slowly and gently." I can feel you relaxing as I slow down, kissing you and licking at you.

I kiss up your stomach now - holding the vibrator in you - and I begin to kiss and lick your nipples. They've grown and swollen now. I love how they look and feel against my tongue. "Kiss me more," you pant, "I need you to kiss me more." I look up at your flushed face and see how excited you are.

Back between your legs I begin kissing you again - and sliding your vibrator deeper into you. Rather than pulling away, you're now pushing against it to get more of it inside you. I am on the edge of cumming lying there between your legs. I begin rubbing my tongue broad across your lips and clit - faster and faster and harder and harder. The vibrator is in to the hilt and I am pulling and pushing that in and out of you fast and freely now.

Your pussy is soaking wet and I am trying to suck up as much of your wet as I can manage. Your lifting your hips against me faster and faster and I can tell you're getting close to cumming. I paste my mouth tight against your clit and suck and swirl it with my tongue.

Your body begins to shudder and you let out a loud and high call. My mouth is against you as hard as it can be. You're not breathing now - just tight and trembling against my mouth and the vibrator. In a faint voice you ask me to fuck you. Instead, I stand in front of you again. Your eyes are closed and your lips are open. Your body is still shaking as you continue to cum.

I press my dick against your lips and you open your mouth for me. I push it in deep. You gag a little but only suck me harder. I want to cum on you. I pull my dick out of your mouth and begin stroking it and rubbing it on your face. In no time I begin to cum as well, shooting streaks of cum across your cheeks and lips and nose. My cum runs down your face and drips onto your tits.

Done, I drop back to the floor to keep you going. Seeing you smattered with my cum, cumming yourself keeps me hard as I bring my face back to your pussy. Even though I've cum I want to be inside you. Frantically I try to untie you as quickly as I can. When I get your legs undone I tell you to turn over. With my help, you do.

Behind you, I slide slowly into you. Your hands are still over your head but are behind you now as I stroke in and out of you. My hands are around your hips, holding you close as I push in as deep as I can. I can feel your muscles gripping me tight as we fuck.

I am spent. I reach up and untie you. You drop your upper body to the floor and massage your wrists for a moment. Then one of your hands is between your legs, pressing slightly on your clit to extend the sensation of orgasm. I pull out of you and lie back on the floor - exhausted. You come and lie beside me.

The fire has died down and we quietly watch its embers sparkle and fade before we drift off to sleep there on the floor in each others arms.

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I just re-read this on the train and man, I've gone and gotten myself all excited . . . Also found plenty of typos :(

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